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List of WESG Europe + CIS finalists in Dota 2

First regional qualifiers for the World Electronic Sports Games among the teams from Europe and CIS in Dota 2 kicked off a month ago. The qualifying stage was attended by 182 squads, and now it brings to light the names of twenty WESG finalists, who will represent their countries at the LAN-finals in Kyiv.


A team of Danil «Dendi» Ishutin will play at the finals of WESG in Kyiv

The main tournament’s rule requires gathering of single-national rosters. A resemblance to the system of Olympic Games highlights these competitions among the others on the esports-scene. Spectators will have an opportunity to enjoy the performance of some entertaining mixes of the pro-players and to eventually find out the country, which will secure a title of the World Champions.

Among the attendees of the WESG finals in Europe and CIS will perform the strongest, in their countries, players, who are well-known and admired. Among the finalists is a great number of The International’s victors — Dendi, ArtStyle, Akke, EGM, Loda, s4, and some other loud names: vice-champion of TI6 — Resolut1on; the triumphant of many large championships in the’s lineup — Illidan; a popular streamer and experienced player, who has been performing on the pro-scene since 2011 — SingSing; one of the best hardliners in CIS — GeneRaL; and many others.

A full list of the LAN-finals participants of the European qualifier for WESG:

The UK and Great Britain + Iceland Qualifier:

  • XENEX Gaming (meepor, watsonwater, Mute242, 1cHiGo_ 5, wonka)

Northern Europe + Post CIS Qualifier:

  • Paragon eSports (radyjnipryanik, Lasthero-, PoMaLL1Ka, wejustzik, Palantimos)

South-East Europe Qualifier:

  • Romania (bOne7, Ar1sE,  Masakary,  ComeWithMe, iLLusionisT)

Benelux Qualifier:

  • woof (Wingblade, SingSing, Bushi, SexyBamboe, Seleri)

Central Europe Qualifier:

  • NecroRaisers (Mambos, Tipek,  craNich, ShapeYourMind,  Hssiss)

Iberia Qualifier:

Adriatica Qualifier:

  • lvlUP (Chivava, kole,  pwN,  BAJA,  Buktop)

France + Monaco Qualifier:

Sweden Qualifier:

  • Horde (Kefka, miCKe, Solitude, Pablo, Akke)
  • Team_Team (Loda, Limmp, jonassomfan, EGM, Handsken)

Germany Qualifier:

Poland Qualifier:

Russia Qualifier:

Ukraine Qualifier:

  • Ukraine: Resolut1on, Dendi, GeneRaL, ALWAYSWANNAFLY, ArtStyle
  • Ne RusЬ: ARTES, Pikachu, bd1sh, orbita, CaptainLove

Denmark Qualifier:

  • The Imperial (Ace, 13abyKnight, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN, NoiA, Ryze)
  • Denmark (AngeL, Maelk, Fawh, Solen, MasterRisk)

Norway Qualifier:

  • Zeta Pegasi (SaloiG, jOOOEY, Krisern_GOD_Toxic, Klaze, Blue)

During three days, from October 6-9, the «twenty» will fight within the regional WESG finals. They will play for a prize pool of ¥500 000 (~$75 000) and eight tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals, with¥24 650 000 (~$3 700 000) on offer in total.

The LAN-finals of WESG Europe + CIS will be held in one of the best concert halls in Kyiv — Stereo Plaza. If you don’t want to miss such a spectacular event and an opportunity to admire the battles among your favorite teams, hurry up to buy tickets! Number of seats is limited.