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LGD Gaming — the winners of Chinese qualifier for Dota Summit 8

LGD Gaming overplayed Vici Gaming in the Chinese Qualifier finals for Dota Summit 8 and received invite to LAN-final of the tournament. At the BTS house, they will clash with 7 teams from 6 regions for $300,000 and International points of the Minor championship.

When Vici Gaming first met LGD Gaming in the upper-bracket of the qualifier group stage, Vici Gaming won their opponent with a score of 2:0, dropping them to the lower bracket, yet in the finals, LGD Gaming got a chance for a vengeance. LGD Gaming finished the final series unbeaten and with a ticket to Dota Summit 8.  

LGD Gaming roster:

  • • Yao "Maybe" Lu

  • • Guanhong "Victoria" Chen

  • • Xu "fy" Linsen

  • • Wang "Ame" Chunyu

  • • Zhengzheng "Yao" Yao


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