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Kiev Major: second day of the group stage schedule

The second day of the group stage The Kiev Major, which will be held on April 25, will bring fans 14 matches. The teams will be seeded for the play-off grid according to results of the group stage.

The second day will begin from the third round, where the best teams will meet each other to find out who will take the first lines in the standings and finish the performance ahead of schedule in the group stage. The remaining teams in any case will go to the fourth, final stage.

Kiev Major Schedule

Schedule of the third stage, CEST time (+1 for Kiev/Moscow time):

 08:00  Virtus.Pro vs TNC
 08:00  Evil Geniuses vs NewBee
 08:00  VGJ vs Thunderbirds
 08:00  iG.Vitality vs mousesports


 11:30  iG vs Secret
 11:30  OG vs Random
 11:30  Digital Chaos vs Team Liquid
 11:30  SG e-sports vs Faceless


In the fourth round there will be only 6 matches and they will be played in parallel for 3 games.

 17:15  iG vs Evil Geniuses
 17:15  Thunderbirds vs OG
 17:15  mousesports vs VGJ


 19:50  TNC vs Digital Chaos
 19:50  Faceless vs Team Liquid
 19:50  NewBee vs Random


All details of the tournament can be found on the page of The Kiev Major. Subscribe to our Facebook, so as not to miss anything important.