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iNETKOXTV won the 17th season of ProSeries

SLTV CS:GO ProSeries Season XVII was finished, the teams played within the final stage of the Playoffs, so now it's high time to sum up. The first place was secured by the newcomers in ProSeries, the Polish team iNETKOXTV, who prevailed over zARLANS in the final clash.


A prize pool of the ProSeries S17, amounted to $2.000 was distributed among the first three places, as the follows:

1st pace $1.000 iNETKOXTV
2nd place $700 zARLANS
3rd place $300 RuSh3D (Spartak Esports)


A new squad of the Spartak sports society (ex-RuSh3D) failed to pass through the Poles in the semifinals, but picked up the match for the third place against K29. This is also a great result for the Russian team, especially after a break in performances within SLTV CS:GO ProSeries in 4 years. The previous tournament within ProSeries, attended by this team was in 2013. 

The final tournament table of SLTV CS:GO ProSeries Season XVII

Place Team
3 RuSh3D
4 K29
5-6 Nova
5-6 Team1337
7-8 impossible
7-8 LoG
9-12 Tengri
9-12 Vexilla
9-12 Team Quest
9-12 spray'n'pray
13-16 Venatores
13-16 5FRAGS.ORG
13-16 theOverPowered
13-16 Quantum Bellator Fire
17-24 ggrabb
17-24 OnlineStars
17-24 USSR Team
17-24 5FRAGS.EKB
17-24 Mentality
17-24 Digital Wave
17-24 Tinplate
17-24 baghlan
25-32 Good Job
25-32 Supreme
25-32 KNT3R
25-32 FLuffy Gangsters
25-32 RagesGo
25-32 Overdrive
25-32 cyberomsk


The records of matches may be found on our YouTube-channel