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Hoej secured the champion’s title at spring series of Hearthstone

Hearthstone Championship Tour Spring 2017 was finished with a victory of the Danish player Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen. It’s not the first champion’s title for Hoej, but still the biggest prize fund in his career - $60.000.

Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen

Hoej’s  path through the group stage wasn’t easy, as he was defeated in the winner’s match, but still managed to reach the Playoffs, where he dealt with CitizenNappa and Ant, losing out only 1 round in 2 games. In the final countering he faced off against the Ukrainian Aleksandr "Kolento" Malsh, the player from Cloud9. Despite the fact that it was up to Kolento to be considered the favorite in this match, Hoej managed to defeat him, not losing a single round.

A distribution of places within Hearthstone Championship Tour Spring 2017:

1 place Hoej $60.000
2 place Kolento $40.000
3-4 place Ant $20.000
  Neirea $20.000
5-8 place CitizenNappa $12.500
  Mage $12.500
  Kunonet $12.500
  Rdu $12.500
9-12 place Muzzy $7.500
  Kranich $7.500
  Trunks $7.500
  Tredsred $7.500
13-16 place XHope $7.500
  Dogggg $7.500
  DiegoDias $7.500
  JasonZhou $7.500


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