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HGG: seeding of teams for the second phase of group stage

The second stage of the tournament Hearthstone Global Games will be held in the group format, as well as the first one. This stage was reached by 24 teams out of 40, so now they will have to decide 16 of the strongest, who will get tickets to the Playoffs.

Hearthstone Global Games

The second group stage will be held in Round Robin format, as previously the first one, but this time the teams will be seeded by 4 in each group. To the following stage will advance 2 of the best national teams from each group and 4 teams more with the best result, who took 3rd places. On this tournament’s stage matches will be place up to three wins (Bo5).

The seeding of participants for the group stage

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
Norway Czech Republic Philippines Hungary Peru Mexico
Singapore Israel Argentina Taiwan Greece Canada
Malaysia Belgium Netherlands New Zealand Ukraine Italy
China United States South Korea Brazil Austria Bulgaria


All announcements from Hearthstone Global Games you can find on our website. The records of matches will be available on our YouTube-channel.