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HGG: alignment of forces before the seventh week

The tournament Hearthstone Global Games has already passed its equator, there is only 3 weeks left till the end of the first group stage, so it's high time to sum up the situation in each group.

Group А

In the first group the lead is taken by Bulgaria, however, it may be retaken by Brazil and Indonesia, who still expect by one game each. It's also worth noting that the Bulgarians have lost to the Indonesian team, while their next rivals will be the Brazilians. The group's underdog is the squad from Switzerland, but they still have chances to advance to the second stage, in case if they win three remaining matches.

Bulgaria 9
Brazil   6
Indonesia 6
Sweden 3
China 3
Switzerland 0

Group B

In this group was defined a clear leader — the USA team, which, even before the end of the first stage, have already secured a slot in the second one. And there is another squad, which was granted the ticket in the second stage — the team of Netherlands, which is likely to finish the tournament on the second place within group.

For the third and last slot will battle British and Peruvians, who have good chances of advancing, while and Romanians have almost lost all chances of moving on, as they failed to gain a single point for the first matches.  

United States 12
Netherlands 9
United Kingdom 3
Thailand   3
Peru 0
Romania 0

Group С

In the group C the situation looks similar to the group A — the upper hand is holding by Argentina, who secured 9 points for 4 games played, but the team is closely followed by Russia and New Zealand, who have 6 points, being expected by a single game. It's quite likely for these teams to share slots in the next stage.

While Australia, Austria and Spain will still remain the “extra-players”.

Argentina 9
Russia 6
New Zealand 6
Australia 3
Austria 3
Spain 3

Group D

In group D the lead belongs to the Southern Korea, which, ahead of the schedule, has booked a place in the second stage, however the first place may be contested only by the Hungary, which has a game in reserve, however, only if the fortune will be on their side.

Meanwhile the fight for the third slot might be pretty serious, as Hong Kong and Slovakia and Portugal have really decent chances of advancing to the second stage.  

South Korea 9
Hungary 6
Greece 6
Portugal 3
Hong Kong 3
Slovakia 3

Group E

With the run of three wins, the lead is taken by Italy, but there is also a game with the main opponent ahead - the squad of Israel. And no matter how the match will end, the both teams have all chances of going to the next round.

Pretty good chances are also retained by the team from Chile, who played only two matches and secured one victory. While the squad from Finland has lost all chances and the last match will be just a game of prestige for them.

Italy 9
Israel 6
Norway 3
Finland 3
Chile 3
Japan 3

Group F

The one and only group at the time, in which all teams played an even number of matches - three games each. In this group were defined two clear favorites - the squad of Canada and Malaysia. And the group of teams, who will battle for the third slot.

However, the squad from Kazakhstan have no chances of continuing their path through the HGG.

Canada 9
Malaysia 9
Belgium 3
France 3
Denmark 3
Kazakhstan 0

Group G

In this group the teams played too few matches, but we can already point out the squad of Singapore, which, despite playing only two games, lost the both, so now they have to do their best, winning all the remaining matches, in order to stay in the second stage.

Mexico 6
Turkey 6
Taiwan 6
Vietnam 3
Poland 3
Singapore 0

Group H

It is a one group more, which focused a close look of the CIS community on itself. And at the moment the fans should be glad, as the Ukrainian team is advancing through the group stage, remaining undefeated, and is likely to move ahead to the second stage.

The group’s underdogs, teams from Germany and Croatia, were already knocked out of the game for the first three places, of course if Czechia and Belarus won’t present them the wins in following tours.

Ukraine 9
Czech Republic 9
Belarus 3
Philippines 3
Germany 3
Croatia 0

The next tour of Hearthstone Global Games will be held on May 23rd and will kick off at 10 am CEST. The records of matches will be published on our YouTube-channel.