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Hearthstone StarSeries: schedule changes for the last tours

Schedule of the last two rounds of the group stage of the SL i-League Hearthstone StarSeries has undergone small changes. The match between Pavel and StanCifka was postponed to May 29, and the game Rdu vs. Sjow was moved from May 29 to May 26.

Schedule of the last two rounds (CEST):

  May 26   May 29
18:00 Rdu vs. Sjow  18:00 Naiman vs. Orange
19:00 Naiman vs. Xixo 19:00 Pavel vs. SuperJJ
20:00 ShtanUdachi vs. SuperJJ             20:00 Xixo vs. Orange
21:00 Kolento vs. StanCifka 21:00 Pavel vs. StanCifka
22:00 SuperJJ vs. Sjow 22:00 BunnyHoppor vs. Orange
23:00 ShtanUdachi vs. Kolento 23:00 Xixo vs. ThijsNL


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