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Hearthstone StarSeries: group stage results

The group stage of the third season of the SL i-League Hearthstone StarSeries ended and the names of the first four European participants of the LAN final are known. One more participant will be determined in the tournament "Last Chance", which will be held on May 30.

Participants of the LAN Finals from Europe:

  •  Naiman
  •  neirea
  •  Rdu
  •  Stancifka


Participants in the LAN Finals from China:

  •  SnowKiss
  •  OMpf 
  •  Fouliver


"The Last Chance" will be held on May 30 and will be attended by 4 players who took 3-4 lines in the group stage of the Hearthstone StarSeries. Players will pass through the Double-Elimination playoffs with Best-of-Five matches (Bo5).



"The Last Chance" grid

All matches records of the SL i-League Hearthstone StarSeries can be found on the YouTube channel.