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StarSeries: Hearthstone Finals Schedule

This weekend in Minsk will be held the last stage of SL i-League StarSeries – finals. Eight great players from all the World will compete for $50,000 prize pool and a title of the champion.

stancifkaStanCifka will defend champion title

Eight players were divided into 2 groups. The group stage format is round-robin, while the matches format is Conquest best of 5 with 4 classes and 1 ban. In the end of the group stage 1st places will advance to the semi-finals, 2-3 places will advance to the quarterfinals and 4th places will leave the tournament.
Group А Group В
 ua Kolento  kr Surrender
 us Dog  cz StanCifka
 gb Cipher  us JAB
 cn Lvxiaobu  cn Lanshengzhe
The play-off will be played in Single Elimination system with best of 5 matches, while the final will be played in best of 7.
Matches Schedule
Friday, 22 January
15:00 СЕТ cn Lvxiaobu vs us Dog BO5
16:00 СЕТ ua Kolento vs    gb Cipher BO5
17:00 СЕТ cn Lvxiaobu vs  gb Cipher BO5
18:00 СЕТ us Dog vs  ua Kolento BO5
19:00 СЕТ us Dog vs   gb Cipher BO5
20:00 СЕТ ua Kolento vs  cn Lvxiaobu BO5
Saturday, 23 January
15:00 СЕТ  cz StanCifka vs  kr Surrender BO5
16:00 СЕТ  kr Surrender vs  us JAB BO5
17:00 СЕТ  us JAB vs  cn Lanshengzhe BO5
18:00 СЕТ  cn Lanshengzhe vs  kr Surrender BO5
19:00 СЕТ  us JAB vs  cz StanCifka BO5
20:00 СЕТ  cz StanCifka vs  cn Lanshengzhe BO5
Sunday, 24 January
15:00 СЕТ TBD vs TBD BO5
16:00 СЕТ TBD vs TBD BO5
17:00 СЕТ TBD vs TBD BO5
18:00 СЕТ TBD vs TBD BO5
19:00 СЕТ TBD vs TBD BO7