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GuardiaN gathered a squad for WESG 2017

GuardiaN and company will fight for the right to stand for their country on the European LAN-finals. The players signed up under the tag “Slovensko”.

Following the WESG rules, the line-up has to consist only of one-national payers, so GuardiaN completed his team with three Slovaks from eXtatus — Richard "queztone" Strnátko, David "frozen" Čerňanský, Martin "MonttY" Melišek, as well as with one Slovakian player from eSuba — Lubos "HenkkyG" Ilko.

The Slovakian squad will kick off its path with qualifiers in Central Europe, where will be decided one more slot in the European LAN-finals. The matches will be held on October 6-8th.

The line-up of Slovensko:

  • • Ladislav «GuardiaN» Kovács
  • • Lubos «HenkkyG» Ilko
  • • Martin «MonttY» Melišek
  • • David «frozen» Čerňanský
  • • Richard «queztone» Strnátko


The LAN-finals of European qualifier within the confines of WESG 2017 will be held in Barcelona from November 22-26. Twenty teams will play for 12 tickets to WESG CS:GO Grand Final, the prize pool of which is amounted to $1.5 million. It’s worth noting that the registration for WESG 2017 is still on air and all interested may apply for participation in tournament. You just have to gather a one-national team and to sign up here, picking a region, which you will stand for.