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Gfinity: mousesports dealt with GODSENT

In the second semi-final match of Gfinity CS:GO Invitational have met mousesports and GODSENT. The winner was destined to accompany Team EnVyUs in the tournament's Grand-final. We'd like to remind you that the Frenchmen triumphed over Epsilon eSports in a yesterday's battle.

The game was set off on a pick of mouz — map de_cache. GODSENT gained the upper hand in the pistol-round and anti-eco [0:2], but mousesports picked up the first gun-round and secured the initiative [1:2]. The European quad leveled the score [2:2], went ahead and started enlarging the advantage. The Swedish team failed to re-take a lead in the first half, going to the changeover with a three-point log [9:6].


The Swedish team proved to be stronger on de_cache

T-sided, GODSENT clinched the initiative and tied the score at [9:9]. Despite the mouz's victory in the device round  [10:9], the Swedes didn't lose a control over the meeting's tide, kicking off another winning streak. The tactical pause didn't work for mousesports in their attempts to strengthen the defense and pretty soon GODSENT paragraphed the clash on Cache [11:16].

The match was resumed on a  map de_mirage — a choice of the Swedish five. Up from the first minutes, mouz were shining with a strong attack, overwhelming the opponents ib five rounds at a run [5:0]. In a further game, GODSENT cut down the backlog to five points [5:3], however, they failed to go further. mousesports smashed GS in the first half, outrunning them in nine points [12:3]. After the changeover, the Swedish team failed to make a comeback and the EU-team finished the started [16:5].

The following map was de_dust2, which was the map-pick of mouz. The European squad picked up the pistol round and anti-eco, but was defeated in the following three rounds [2:3]. After mousesports leveled the score, [3:3], the opposing teams were going toe-to-toe, however it was up to GODSENT to brace up and win the first half, having a one-point advantage [7:8].


mousesports prevailed over GODSENT on the second and third maps 

None of the teams wanted to lose the initiative, so, after a small break, we were witnessing a high-pressure game on the map. mousesports managed to get one «map-point» [15:14], but GODSENT didn't let them finish the meeting, bringing the stand-off to a range of overtimes. Nevertheless, the Swedes were weaker, losing de_dust2 with the final score of [19:17] in favor of mouz.

The encounter was resumed on the GODSENT's pick — map de_overpass. mousesports lost out the pistol-round, but still realized a «force-buy» in respond and won the following four rounds [5:1]. The Swedes were showing a weak defense, losing out the first half [13:2]. CT-sided, mouz soon picked up the victorious three points and put Overpass on their board [16:3].


Thus, in the grand-final match will face off Team EnVyUs vs mousesports. A stream of the decisive game will kick off tomorrow at 13:30 Kyiv/Moscow time on the channel StarLadder_cs_en.

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