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Gambit will play in the finals of the upper bracket within cs_summit

The semifinal matches of the upper bracket at cs_summit were finished with victorious results for Gambit Esports and SK Gaming, who now will have to play for the first ticket to the Grandfinal in the upcoming BO3-series.

Gambit CS:GO

Gambit remain undefeated

The rivals for SK Gaming happened to be Cloud9. After a lost map-pick Inferno, C9 managed to play back on Train, but in the crucial meeting on the decider-map Mirage, the Brazilians happened to be stronger again.

  • • 16-14 (6-9; 10-5) on Inferno
  • • 9-16 (6-9; 3-7) on Train
  • • 16-8 (9-6; 7-2) on Mirage

A great impact into the victory of SK was made by FalleN, who keeps gladden our's heart with a strong indiviadual performance on cs_summit. The Brazilian sniper finished the match with a statistics 1.28 (68-48), while ADR was amounted to 94.0.

In turn, Gambit Esports will fight against the promising Team Liquid, who had previously overpowered NiP. However, this time Liquid failed to withstand the opponents: at first the NA-team was defeated on Train at 1-16, picking up only one strong side for the defense and then lost on Nuke during the overtimes 17-19.

  • 16-1 (14-1; 2-0) on Train
  • 19-17 (7-8; 8-7; 4:2) on Nuke

Thus, SK Gaming and Gambit Esports advanced to the finals of the upper bracket of cs_summit, witin which will be defined a name of the first grand-finalist of this tournament. A hope of the NA-scene — Team Liquid and Cloud9 — will keep their performance in the Lower Bracket: they will have to play against OpTic Gaming and NiP respectively.