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Gambit kicked off at StarSeries i-League S6 with a victory

It's high time to discover the results of the first day at StarSeries i-League CS:GO Season 6, as well as the seeding of teams for the next round.

The first day of the sixth season of StarSeries i-League started with a clash Renegades vs CyberZen, within which the Chinese squad overpowered the opponents in three points and secured the first victory at 16:13. The second match was finished in favor of team ENCE, who won over TYLOO with the final score 16:6. In the third round HellRaisers failed to deal with Imperial 11:16, while in the fourth North proved to be stronger than OpTic 16:7.

NRG and Fragsters were also expected by tough matches: during the overtimes they defeated Vega and BIG, while Gambit dealt with compLexity in a close clash.

In the last match within the current match-day mousesports faced off against Sprout, smashed the opponents for the defense 12:3, but then they faced some difficulties for the T-side. However, chrisJ managed to bring the match to a victorious end, finishing the clash with the score of 16:14 in their favor.

At a close of the first match-day the standings looks as follows: 

The seeding of teams for the second round at StarSeries i-League S6:

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