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Gambit Gaming are second Finalists

[32:36] de_cbble
[14:16] de_inferno
[00:00] de_dust2

First map de_cobblestone started with a fast taking of the pistol round by Gambit Gaming. Despite an unsuccessful beginning, Rebels rapidly took the lead, having taken three rounds in a row, including the force-buy of the rival. Gambit, in their turn, managed to implement the first device and following after it rounds, thanks to which leveled the score [3:3]. Not willing to lose the advantage, Rebels took three more points, but then the game did not run well for them. Having shown an excellent series of 7 rounds, Gambit Gaming ended the first half with a [5:10] score in their favor. After the side switching the control over the map was completely in the hands of the guys from Rebels, who managed to bring the score to a temporary draw [10:10]. Having broken the rival's defense, Gambit Gaming did not manage to hold the initiative. The next 4 rounds ended in Rebels's favor, but their rival immediately braced up and struck back. thus having leveled the score again [15:15]. Both teams demonstrated their mastery and will to win. As a result of the intensive fight there were three overtime periods, the players were going step for step, and at the [30:30] score, the time of the fourth additional rounds came! The first half of the fourth overtimes ended in Gambit Gaming's favor [32:33]. When the overtimes were over, GG became the winners of the first map [32:36].


Then came the choice of Gambit Gaming - de_inferno. The first pistol round was taken by Rebels. Playing the defense side, they kept increasing the advantage and made the rivals make an eco round, which they also won. After an excellently implemented device round, the score got a [5:0] mark in Rebels's favor. Thanks to the incredible play of wayLander, Gambit Gaming managed to gain the first point. Having given the team the combative mood, the Finnish player continued to demonstrate his mastery. The Gambit team managed not only to close the gap, but to take the lead [5:9]. Having lost only the last round of the first half, Gambit Gaming ended the side with a [6:9] score in their favor. Beginning from the second pistol round, Rebels showed a great comeback and took 6 rounds in a row, but their opponents managed to minimize the gap, and then to level the score [12:12]. Having exchanged the rounds, the teams came to a [14:14] score, but after taking the lacking 2 points, the final victory in today's match was gained by Gambit Gaming [14:16].