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Gambit Gaming are Champions of StarLadder Regional Minor Championship: CIS!

Having passed a long and tough path to the final and fought many strong teams, Gambit Gaming and Rebels faced off against each other in the fight for the title of the strongest CS:GO team in the CIS region. DSC_8775_260574682300809904
[04:16] de_inferno
[03:16] de_train
[00:00] de_dust2

The final battle started on de_inferno, which was the pick of Gambit Gaming. Having started the game on the attack side, this team confidently took first three rounds, but the next one ended in their opponents' favor. Despite the gained pistol round, Rebels did not hold the initiative. The guys from Gambit seized the moment and demonstrated an excellent series of 6 rounds. Having braced up, Rebels took 2 points without any losses [3:9], but then the game did not run well for them. Having a [3:12] score, the Rebels team was defeated with a devastating score of [4:16].


The next in turn was de_train, on which Gambit Gaming recently had serious problems. Nevertheless, they started the game on the defense side rather cheerily and took the third pistol round in this meeting. Even a short tactical pause did not break their mood, indeed, after the break the players kept dominating on the map [0:5]. Rebels managed to win back the first round, but wayLander immediately brought back the initiative to the team [1:7]. Having lost only two rounds, Gambit ended the half with a [3:12] in their favor. In the second half Gambit Gaming continued the winning streak and got another 4 points, thus having become the champions of StarLadder Regional Minor Championship: CIS! Congratulations to the winners of the tournament and let's wait for their further performance at the LAN qualifier for the next Major tournament (Columbus, USA).


We also want to give our thanks to those, who took part in organization and holding such a huge and unforgettable event. Thanks to our dear players, commentators, analysts, directors, camera men and everyone! It would not have been without you!


Irreplaceable people, who took part in the organization of the tournament