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Fnatic - the first finalist of the Western Clash

Fnatic overcome Team expert in the finals of the upper bracket and became the first participants of the Grand Final of the Western Clash HGC. Team expert has dropped into the lower bracket, where they will be waiting for the winner of.Gala Force / Team Liquid pair.

Fnatic HotS Western Clash

The battle began on the "Infernal Shrines". From the very first minutes Team expert seized the initiative, repeatedly smashing the opponents, chasing them, arranging sly ambushes and ideally implementing the split-push strategy. Advantage in 2 levels and practically demolished sides of Fnatic team - these are the conditions that was necessary for victory, thought expert. Luring Fnatic on the upper Sanctuary, they threw the main forces to destroy the enemy Nexus. But with such a course of events, the Swedish five did not agree. They took the lives of three expert cores, took the lower side, took the Nexus and the first score.

On the "Tomb of the Spider Queen" Fnatic took into account all the mistakes of the first map and just played their game. Team expert tried to turn the game over, but the Swedes were invincible.

"Towers of Doom" became really doomed for the expert. Whether they did not try to stop Fnatic, the Swedish snowball was really unstoppable. The confident victory of 3:0 in the match and Fnatic became the first finalists of the Western Clash.