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Fnatic reach the Final!

The teams were fighting for the grand final of SL i-League StarSeries. None of the Ukrainian teams wanted to lose to the opponent. 5e2a0020_24290433942_o   

In 15 minutes before the match teams chose a list of maps by the crossing method. After spinning a coin the teams in turns cross out maps from the list. The teams chose only one map out of three remaining ones, and the last map becomes decisive in case when the teams play the first two in a draw.

Draft stage:
dust2 train cbble overpass mirage cache inferno
[16:06] de_mirage
[07:16] de_cache
[14:16] de_inferno

The first map of the battle was de_mirage. From the first minutes the initiative was seized by Luminosity. Excellent team work on the attack side let the Brazilian team take the lead [6:0]. Fnatic managed to open the score in the seventh round [6:1]. Unfortunately, a great comeback by the Swedish team did not happen, and the first half ended with a disappointing score of [11:4]. After the side switching fnatic took a pistol round and the following ones [11:6]. Then followed a winning streak of five by Luminosity [16:6].


Having cheerily started the game on the attack side on de_cache, the Brazilians took the first three points [3:0]. We did not have to wait long for an answer by the rival. Having lost the initiative, fnatic won five rounds in a row [3:5]. The half ended with the double advantage of the Swedish team [5:10]. Playing the defense side, Luminosity did not manage to stand up to the opponents. An incredible personal play by fnatic let take the lacking five points and win the map. [7:16].


The winner was to be found on de_inferno. Having won the pistol round, the Swedes lost the next six rounds [6:1]. The steel defense by Luminosity brought them victory in the first half with the advantage of three points [9:6]. After the side switching fnatic managed not only to level the score, but to take the lead [9:12]. The Brazilian team managed to make up leeway and took a series of four rounds [12:13]. Having exchanged a couple of rounds, fnatic did finish off the rivals and won the last map with the minimum advantage [14:16].