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Fnatic, mouz, North, and five more teams advance to EU Minor Championship

The closed qualifier for EU Minor Championship - Berlin 2019 is finished. Now we know the names of eight squads that will be attending the LAN-finals in Berlin, where they will have the chance to earn a spot at StarLadder Major.

Fnatic CS:GO

KRIMZ's FNC are through to the LAN-finals of
the Europe Minor

The first group of winners is comprised of mousesports, Fnatic, North, and CR4ZY (ex-Valiance). In the decider matches, mouz and CR4ZY managed to defeat OpTic Gaming and Heroic, respectively, as they secured the victory at 2-1. On the flip side, FNC and North did not face such difficulties as they beat their opponents, BIG and Team Ancient, with a 2-0 result. 

The second part of the list of teams who were able to qualify for the Europe Minor features NoChance, BIG, Sprout, and Ancient. While NoChance and Sprout needed all three maps to prevail over Heroic and OpTic 2-1, BIG and Ancient dealt with their rivals without too much trouble, 2-0.

The participants of EU Minor Championship - Berlin 2019

mousesports Fnatic North CR4ZY
NoChance BIG Sprout Team Ancient

The LAN-finals of the next EU Minor Championship are scheduled for July 17-12. There, the lineups who have cruised through the qualifying phase would go on to compete for two tickets to StarLadder Major 2019 and $50,000 of the prize money.

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