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GODSENT wins the match against FlipSid3.ESP

The matches of the upper scale of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational are going on! The next one became the game between FlipSid3.ESP and GODSENT. We'd like to recall, that F3 are the winners of the second stage of the online-qualification, while the Swedish became the participants of the tournament thanks to the direct invite.

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The game started at the peak of FlipSid3 — the map de_cobblestone. The Swedish team has won the pistolet round and the next eco-rounds, gaining the initial van. Despite the Ukranian team managed to win on the first device round, GODSENT weren't on the point of resigning the leadership. The Swedish didn't let F3 to make the stable eco, so that helped them to increase the escape from their competitor. Only three times during the previous 15 rounds the team under the guidance of Andrey «B1ad3» Gorodenskiy managed to use the competitor's mistakes [3:12].

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Lekr0 leads his team to the victory

After the replacement of the sides, the distribution of the powers on the map didn't change. GODSENT made a confident point on the de_cobblestone, not giving the opponent any chance for the comeback. [3:16] and the Swedish line-up took the enemy's peak to their assets.

The openeing of B-plant from «Lekr0»

The choice of the Swedish team fell on the de_inferno. Starting from the attack, FlipSid3 managed to take the pistiolet round, but again, thanks to the great game of Lekr0, the Swedish won the return «force-buy» and went far ahead. With the every following round GODSENT was increasing the escape. By the efforts of Jan «WayLander» Rahkonen, which managed to overcome the situation of «1 in 4» on his own, the Ukranian team has got the part of the lost confidence back.

WayLander used the Swedish mistake 

Nevertheless, GODSENT hasn't reduced the power of pressure, holding the initiative in their hands. As the result — [4:11], and teams went to the side replacement. Despite the failing attack in the first half, FlipSid3.ESP weren't going to give up. F3 has demonstrated the firm defense, but, over time, the Swedish team has found the weakness in competitors defense. The teams kept playing on the equal terms and, after the range of failed rounds from the Swedish team, the score became even [13:13]. The tactical break from GODSENT solved all their problems. They managed to end what they've began, not leading the match to the «decider-map». [13:16] on de_inferno and [0:2] in the series in a favor of the Swedish line-up.

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znajder — MVP of the second map


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