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FlipSid3.ESP are out of the contest

The second gaming day of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational  was opened with the match FlipSid3.ESP against Natus Vincere. As it turned out, the Ukrainian team wasn’t ready to withstand the Swedish guys from GODSENT, and Na’Vi, in the protracted struggle, were defeated by the «underdog» of the championship - ex-CSGL. The game continued within the first round of the losers’ scale, where the team, which would be defeated, should leave the tournament.

roster (2)

The first map was de_train — a choice of F3. The Ukrainian team immediately started demonstrating the confident play on their pick, winning on the pistol and the following eco-rounds. Despite the victory in the first weapon round, Na’Vi didn’t manage to get the leadership. FlipSid3 has responsively controlled the enemy’s eco, regularly using their mistakes.   Understanding the whole seriousness of the situation, at the score [8:1] the CIS-team decided to take the tactical. After the small break, Natus Vincere has taken the decision to strengthen their defense, playing with two AWP. Nevertheless, this tactic didn’t help to take the initiative back to Na’Vi and, going to the attack, they’ve had in their assets four victorious rounds [11:4]. Also should be empathized the great play of Georgi «WorldEdit» Yaskin, who was constantly giving frags and, the most important thing, has won in the significant clutch-situation.

-4 and the clutch by WorldEdit

Going to the defense, FlipSid3.ESP has continued to increase the van. Natus Vincere failed the Т-side and, as the result, hasn’t taken any round. [16:4] and F3 are becoming a one step closer to the triumph.


 F3 was the strongest on the first map

The choice of Na'Vi fell on the map de_overpass stopped. CIS-team has confidently taken the pistol round and anti-eco rounds, thereby issuing a starting van. Eventually FlipSid3 managed to equal the score, but didn't succeed taking the initiative. Natus Vincere wasn't taken aback, beginning to show much more confident game. This helped them to go ahead. F3 allowed unforgivable mistakes, of one of which took the advantage Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev, filling out the clutch-round for his team. The defense of Na’Vi was too strong for the Ukrainian team, and, as a result, they've managed to score five points in the first half [5:10].

Edward takes the round, being left «1 in 3»

After a short break, Georgi «WorldEdit» Yaskin returned hope for a comeback to the F3's fans, dealing alone with the whole enemy's team. Not reducing speed, Na'Vi did «force-buy» in response, which was ultimately paid off.

Another «ace» by WorldEdit

FlipSid3.ESP did not stop trying to get back into the game. Na'Vi has been dominating the opponent both in the individual and team level, and this gave them the opportunity to enter the «match-point». However, over time Ukrainian team was able to deal with the problems in the defense, beginning to rapidly close the gap in the score. On [10:15] the CIS-team took a tactical pause, but they've managed to put an end to the confrontation on de_overpass only at the very end. [14:16] and the winner will be known at the end of «decider-map».


Statistics of the best players after two cards

The decisive battle took place on de_cobblestone. After winning in the knives round, Natus Vincere decided to start for the CT-side. As in the previous card, Na'Vi felt comfortable in the defense and they were the first to take the lead in the match. Despite the attempts to return to the game, FlipSid3's actions were effectively stopped by the defense. Each player of the line-up of Natus Vincere demonstrated professional CS, which was impossible to say about the F3. To the side replacement the teams went with the score of [3:12].

«Quadrokill» by Zeus

Turning to the defense, FlipSid3 won the pistol and the next two rounds, picking up a little bit closer to the opponent. Nevertheless, Natus Vincere didn't plan to allow the opponent to make a comeback. Beating F3 on the «force-buy», Na'Vi has returned to the camp leaders once again. The initiative several times passed from hands to hands, but in the end, the final score on de_cobblestone stopped at [9:16]. As a result - [1: 2] on the maps and FlipSid3 finishes their performance at the tournament, taking the 7-8 place.

stata (3)

Efforts of Yegor «markeloff» Markelov wasn’t enough for the victory


The tournament in Kiev will not end here! The broadcast of the next match of HellRaisers vs Virtus.Pro will be on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.