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First stage of the open CIS-qualifier for PGI is finished

The first twenty participants of the closed CIS-qualifier for PUBG Global Invitational have been decided.

From the 10th of May the teams were fighting on the map Eranagel in BO5-matches. Only 20 of the best teams have managed to advance to the next stage of qualifiers.  

  •  • AVANGAR
  •   Natus Vincere
  •  • Team Empire
  •   M19
  •  • Vega Squadron
  •   apache.crew
  •  •  Quantum Bellator Fire
  •   PUSHME
  •  •  Tactical Nuclear Penguins
  •   TeamUnique 
  •  •  Team Bad English
  •   Tornado Energy Storm
  •  •  AltAfter
  • •  WinterChase
  •  •  FluffyGangsters
  •  •  BEASTMODE500ADR 
  • •  NSS
  •  • Kit-Kat
  • •  WOK


The teams, who failed to reach the closed qualifier will have a chance to bounce back in the next stage of open qualifiers, held from May 17th to 20th. The registration is open via the link.

There will be 40 teams fighting within the the closed qualifier to define the best twenty, who will go to the LAN-finals in Minsk, Belarus. 

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