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FEMALE: What EYESPORTS and Reason shared with us?

Today will start the first matches of the Female Stars Championship's LAN-finals and all the participants have already arrived at the venue. We've managed to have a small chat with the players of EYESPORTS and Reason Gaming.

Let's start with EYESPORTS. The team has already been in St. Petersburg for a couple of days, during which they've found some time to visit different places of interest. We've interviewed one of the players of this team —Tatyana «Sindi» Gracheva.


Sindi in person

— Your team has been located in St. Petersburg for a few days now. What places have you already visited during this time and do you have any intensions to go somewhere else?

Sindi: We lived in the very city center, where we had the view from the window on the Neva River. We were visiting the amusement park and walking through the Palace Square. We've had a very little time for a walk, as we've been constantly training.

— Which male-team on the CS:GO-stage, you would highlight the most?

Sindi: SK-Gaming. They show a really nice game: it's a pleasure to keep an eye on their actions and the way they play on their positions.

— In your opinion, what is needed to break into the professional CS:GO-scene?

Sindi: I believe that you just have to play and train a lot, participate in all the known tournaments and visit the LAN's that take place in your city.

— Are there any differences between the usual competitive game and the tournament one?

Sindi: On the competition one you usually play not in a full strength and even can be distracted, but at the tournament you are completely focused on your actions.

The next contender for the title of Female Stars champion — Reason Gaming. Darya «Dshq» Mishutina and Anna «Ant1ka» Ananikova have agreed to talk with us and gladly answered our questions.


Our respondent — Anna «Ant1ka» Ananikova

— Have you ever been in St. Petersburg before? What was your first impression of the city when you arrived?

Dshq: I had never been to St. Petersburg before, and, in my opinion, it is very similar to Moscow, but it still has the unique beautiful sights.

Ant1ka: I was here a year ago. I came for two weeks and during the first few days I like it very much, it was fun, but eventually I got bored and had nothing else to do, perhaps because I hardly knew the city and had no idea where to go.

— Are you planning to visit the attractions of the Russian cultural capital?

Dshq: We'd like to visit the Kunstkamera.

— How were you training for the final part of the tournament? Was the team gathering at the bootcamp?

Dshq: No, we didn't gather at the bootcamp. However, we are well prepared for the finals: we've studied the opponent, examined the maps and made up some new strategies.

— How can you comment the replacement in your opponent's roster — Team HEAVEN? Will the team-game be stronger or, on the contrary, will turn bad?

Dshq: I suppose, the second option. As the team-game — it's five people who train together for a certain period, and when a new player joins, the team needs time to get used to each other.


Will Reason gain the upper hand?

— What changes would you like to make to the women's eSports?

Dshq: We would like the female tournaments to be held as often as the male ones. Since men's teams spend a lot of time at the different championships — they are gaining experience and increasing their resistance to stress.

— In your opinion, can the female teams compete on an equal basis with the male ones?

Dshq: Not at the moment. It depends on what teams are in question: if the professional ones — it is unlikely, but if with the semi-professional — quite possible.

— What are the obstacles for girls to play just as well as guys, except the small number of tournaments?

Dshq: The aim and composure in the game.

Recall that tomorrow at 12:30 by Moscow/Kiev time will start the first confrontation between Team HEAVEN and Reason Gaming. The broadcast of the match will be held on the twitch-channel StarLadder_cs_en. Also do not forget that we have prepared a large number of gifts and surprises for our viewers. More details can be found here.