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FEMALE: Secret — the champions of Female Stars

In the grand-final confrontation of Female Stars Championship have met the winners of the Upper and Lower Brackets: Team Secret and Reason Gaming. The champion's title and the prize pool amounted of $5,000 were at stake.


The decisive «bo3-match» has started with the pick of Reason Gaming — map de_cobblestone. Secret won the «knives» and started for the T-side. Reason overpowered the rival in the pistol-round and the anti-eco, and then — triumphed in the device one [3:0]. The Russian squad prevented the opponent from building a stable economy by winning the range of buy's. Before the end of the first half Team Secret braced up and decreased the lag in a score, but Reason were still leading the meeting.

CT-sided, Secret picked up the pistol-round, thus reaching the opponent at [9:9]. The Russian mixture won over the European one in the gun-round and went ahead. However Team Secret strengthened the defense and found a way not only to catch up with, but even to outdistance Reason. The tactical pause didn't help the Russian squad to turn events around, so the Europeans have finally came out victorious on Cobblestone [16:13].


nylon and her team are still unconquered 

The map-pick of Team Secret was de_dust2. Reason picked up the knife-round and chose the CT-side. In turn, Secret prevailed in eight rounds in row, thus gaining the comfortable advantage [8:0]. Reason Gaming have eventually defeated the opponent in the gun-round, but then the European roster kicked off another winning run. Before the switch-over, the Russian squad had only two points in their assets [13:2].

Not quite effortlessly, but Secret have finally managed to draw a line under the clash on Dust2. Reason were diligently trying to make a comeback, but eventually they have managed to replenish their round-bag with only eight points. The European team proved to be much stronger in the pistol-round and two buy's, so the final result of the second map stood still at the mark of [16:10].


We congratulate Team Secret with the yet another LAN-triumph! Despite the fact that the European team was playing without a key-player in their roster, they've successfully adapted to the erased situation and proved their significant skill again. We are sure that this victory isn't the last one and in future we will be able to witness their new achievements.