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FEMALE: Secret will play in the winners' final

Team Secret and EYESPORTS have met in a game for the right to advance to the finals of the winners' bracket. We'd like to remind you that Michaela «mimi» Lintrup failed to arrive to St.Petersburg, as she hadn't received a visa and her place was temporarily taken by Olya «[email protected]» Horoshilova.


Rosters before the start of the match

The encounter started with the map-pick of Team Secret — de_mirage. The European team picked up the initial four rounds, but then EYESPORTS have found a way to win the device one [4:1]. Soon the Russian squad managed to level the game at [4:4], but Secret re-built the defense and won in a few buy's. Then the mixtures have tied the match again with the result of [7:7], however the Europeans went to the changeover as leaders [8:7].

After a small break, EYESPORTS prevailed in the pistolround and realized a pair of anti-eco's [8:10]. The teams have taken the gunrounds in turns, not letting each other to eventually seize the initiative. Nevertheless, the Russian roster managed to weaken the opponent's economy, thus securing the leadership. Secret didn't stop trying to get back on track, but their efforts turned out to be insufficient. The final score has stopped at [14:16] in favor of the Russian players.


The best five players, following the results of Mirage

The next map was de_cobblestone. Secret have seized the control over the match right from the first minutes, having won the pistolround and four buy's [5:0]. Being defeated in the device round, the European team braced up and went on increasing the gap in the score. EYESPORTS were smashed in the first half, having picked up only two more rounds [12:3].

T-sided, the Russian squad has prevailed over the enemy in the pistolround and made him do a pair of eco's. After that Team Secret got the necessary devices and regained the former confidence. With the great advantage, the European mixture has effortlessly drawn a line under Cobblestone. As a result — [16:8], and Secret leveled the score in the «bo3-series».


The European team will fight in the final of winners' bracket 

The crucial events were unfolded on the «decider-map» de_train. Secret have overpowered the opponent in three rounds in row, while the realization of the clutch-situation by Tatyana «Sindi» Gracheva has helped her team to win the gunround [3:1]. However, then EYESPORTS have failed to change the power distribution on Train, so Team Secret have made on it, constantly interrupting their aggressive attack. The Russians have failed the game for T-side, losing out the first half with the score of [12:3].

The Т-side by Secret happened to be way much stronger, as compared to their opponents, so they've managed to pick up the points, needed for the ultimate triumph. However, we have to point out the efforts of EYESPORTS, who didn't surrender and still tried to make a comeback. [16:9] and Team Secret are moving upwards the tournament table.


Stay with us, as the last countering of the current match-day, in which will meet Team HEAVEN and Secret will start any minute now. The team-winner will secure the place in the grand-final of the tournament. The stream of the match will be held on our twitch-channel Starladder_cs_en.