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FEMALE: Results of the European division

The final confrontations of the European Division have been recently held. Eight women's teams were fighting for a ticket to the LAN-finals of Female Stars Championship, but only two of them have managed to reach the goal.


Each team had begun its journey from the «Upper Bracket». Following the meeting, the squad-loser was falling to the «Lower Bracket», which had hosted matches for the departure. The victors of the upper and lower brackets had got a spot in the final stage of the tournament.

Team Secret have equaled the hopes

The champions of the last female tournaments have pleased their fans with a great game, confirming their top spot in the world women's teams' ranking. The Europeans have passed the qualifying round without a single defeat.

Their first match they had played against Outsiders, having gained a brilliant victory on two maps: de_cache [16:2] and de_cobblestone [16:4]. The next in turn had been Team HEAVEN. This team had managed to impose the fight to our favorites: the Germans were on the verge of victory on de_dust2, but Team Secret had managed to brace up in time, having finished the map in their favor [16:13], eventually putting de_cache on the board [16:8].


Team Secret — the owners of the first ticket to St. Petersburg


In the final clash Julia «juliano» Kiran and her allies had met with Team LDLC. Despite the high expectations, laid on the French squad, they hadn't managed to show any acceptable results. The team under the direction of Laura "Nsty" Déjou had a good start on de_cobblestone, but the European mixture had pulled ahead, giving their opponents any single chance to win [16:4]. Despite the fact that the second map was the peak of the French team, they still hadn't been able to show a decent game. Team Secret prevailed on de_nuke with a crushing score [16:1] and deservedly received the first slot on the LAN-finals of the championship.

Team LDLC have stopped a footstep away from the victory

The French began their performance with a positive note. First they had met with DoYouEven: the match was quite entertaining and full of surprises. On the first map the tide of the game had been under the control of the girls from France, [16:11] but on de_train, they had failed to do anything to stop their opponents [6:16]. There had been a fairly equal fight at the decisive point of the battle. Teams weren't capable to determine the strongest or a long time on de_nuke, by that having brought the game to the extra time, but Meyssa «Missa» Bellouati and her teammates had been still leading the way. Following the results of a full-fledged «bo3-confrontation», LDLC have proved to be stronger.


LDLC have failed to advance to the Playoffs

In the next match the French had met with LGB. On de_dust2 they had a quite confident start, ending the first half with a score of [12:3], and after the changeover had picked the prime rounds [16:4]. On the second map the Norwegians had tried to impose their game, but LDLC hadn't lost their beatings, taking de_cache to their assets [16:10].

As mentioned before, in the final match the French team had failed to overpower Team Secret, sinking to the Lower Bracket, where they had been already awaited by Team HEAVEN. The final result wasn't successful: the Germans have effortlessly defeated their opponent on the first map [16:2], locking down de_cache [16:10].

Based on those results, many have wondered: How LDLC had been able to reach the finals, and even through the winner’s bracket? After the talk with the team's captain, we've managed to find out that some of the girls are working, which is why they are not able to devote enough time for trainings. Perhaps they had been just lucky with the initial contestants, who were in their powers, but they were clearly unprepared for such an opponent as Team Secret. We do not rule out the possibility that after the defeat, the European squad was too overwhelmed to bounce back.

Team HEAVEN have jumped through hoops to their aim

The German team has become a revelation for many. The girls had begun their performance against Team Alsen on de_cache, having showed a great game, missing only three rounds [16:3]. Moving to the opponent's pick, they continued to dominate and won the landslide victory once again [16:2]. Their next opponents became Team Secret. The Germans had done everything in their powers, but their contestant had proved to be stronger, picking up two maps: de_dust2 [16:13] and de_cache [16: 8]. Because of this defeat, Team HEAVEN have gone down to the Losers Bracket, meeting there Millenium.

The French had found the way to win on their pick [16:11]. Then the countering went on de_cache, where the teams were playing on quite equal footing, but in the end, the German team took the lead [16:13]. The third card was also put on their board [16: 9].


Team HEAVEN —  second finalists of the qualifiers

The fourth test for the mixture under the direction of Ivelina «HellRose» Danova had become the fight against LGB. The Germans have demonstrated a great start on the opponent's choice and before the switchover had gained a two-fold advantage. In the second half the Norwegians were trying to make a comeback, but their enemy had been too committed to de_cache [16:13]. However, LGB had proved to be able to fight back and imposed their game on the second map [16:9]. The strongest squad was decided on de_cobblestone. Thanks to superb skills and thoughtful actions, the German team has won the third card [16:10], knocking the Norwegians out of the tournament.

Team HEAVEN have met LDLC in the final of the Losers Bracket. Everyone had expected an equal game on all three maps. However, Gina «Jinjin» Kleinen and her team have easily dealt with their opponents on de_train [16:2], then putting de_cache on the board [16:10]. As a result, the German squad has deservedly got the second ticket to the main part of the championship.


The games within the frames of Female Stars Championship don't stop here, as the CIS-division's teams are still fighting for a slot of the member of the tournament's final stage now. We'd like to remind you that the LAN-finals will take place from the 16th to 17th of July in Park 300 Years of Saint Petersburg‎.