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FEMALE: EYESPORTS came in last

Reason Gaming and EYESPORTS have met within the elimination-match of the Lower Bracket of Female Stars Championship. The both Russian teams had lost out to their rivals (Team HEAVEN and Team Secret) in the initial matches and the loss in this particular game would have costed one of them a departure from the tournament.


The line-ups before the start of encounter

The yet another «bo3-series» has started with the pick of Reason — map de_train. EYESPORTS triumphed in the «knives» and chose the СТ-side. The squad of Alyona «Candy» Kuvaeva won the pistolround and the following four buy's [5:0]. Reason Gaming managed to pick up their first round, but EYE female have found a way to retain hold of  the initiative and went on increasing the gap.

In the second half Reason failed to realize the pistolround and a few force-buy's that gave their opponents an opportunity to reach the match-point. Former Team YP have eventually braced up and tried to make a comeback by kicking off the long-lasting winning run. At the mark of [10:15], EYESPORTS used the tactical pause and finally finished the started at [10:16].


Statistics of the best players on Train

The game was resumed on de_cobblestone, chosen by EYE female. Reason Gaming have lost the knife-round again and were forced to start for the T-side. The team under the guidance of Alexandra «RiLey» Ksenzik has won seven rounds at a run, and after that EYESPORTS managed to stop the enemy's attack at [7:1]. Reason found a way to secure a status of the leaders of the first half, still having been defeated in three more buy's [11:4].

CT-sided, Reason Gaming have overpowered the contestant in the pistolround, but they've still failed to withstand the onslaught in the anti-eco [12:5]. The EYE female's attempt to get back on track was successfully disrupted by their opponents, who finally regained the initiative and drew a line under the stand-off on Cobblestone [16:6].


EYE female ended the participation at Female Stars

The clash was moved to the «decider-map» — de_overpass. Despite the fact that EYESPORTS have gained the upper hand in the pistolround, Reason have immediately leveled the score in the force-buy [1:1]. The team were picking the gun-rounds turn by turn, so the score was time and time again tied. However, Reason Gaming happened to be exactly the ones, who paragraphed the first half, playing the leading role [8:7].

After the switch-over, EYE female were smashed in the pistol-round and a pair of anti-eco's [11:7]. Reason won the device one and the next three rounds, almost reaching the desired triumph [15:7]. Eventually, EYESPORTS managed to secure only one more buy [16:8].


Thus, EYESPORTS are leaving the tournament, having taken the fourth place. We have the decisive match of the Lower Bracket next in line, in which Reason Gaming and Team HEAVEN will fight for the right to advance to the championship's grand-final. You can follow the tide of the match on Starladder_cs_en.