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FEMALE: Preview of the decisive tournament's stage

With each passing day the female eSports reaches new heights, but for many viewers it still remains something distant and incomprehensible. Along with the other big tournaments, created specifically for the players of the «weaker» sex, Female Stars Championship gives us the opportunity to take a look at the features of this cybersport industry, while still within the CIS-region.


The main female-tournament of this summer will begin the next week

We don't have to wait for too long, as already on July 16th four different female teams (two from the European division and from the CIS one as well) will fight within the championship in St. Petersburg, where they will compete for a prize pool of $10,000. You can learn some more information about the offline-stage of the event here. So what can we say about each of the team-participants and which one of them has the highest chance of the ultimate triumph?

Team Secret

Having secured the status of the three-time world champions, thanks to the recent victory at Copenhagen Games 2016 fem, the European team has started to show slightly weaker results. Despite the fact that Secret confidently won the first place in the European qualification of Female Stars Championship, they still had a range of failures along with these achievements. Not only in games against the male, but also, no small thing, against the female teams.

Team Secret failed to secure the claim that eSports is not to be divided into two separate scenes, having lost every confrontation against the contestants of the opposite sex. We are talking about their performances at the following online-championships: Operation: Kinguin #3, Hitbox Challenger Cup #2 and owayo Masters. In addition, Secret played at the series of the SKYLLA tournaments (created for both men and women), where they happened to be not able to overcome the group stage.


mimi and her teammates are losing the leadership

Therefore, the past accomplishments of Team Secret are gradually receding into the background, and the question arises: What happens next? Slowly but surely, the women's sphere of CS:GO is growing, and alongside it, the seriousness of the competition. Apparently, the European team is not able to show the same strong game, and the period of their dominance is coming to an end. However, they still have rather high chances of the championship in the tournament's LAN-finals in St. Petersburg.

Secret managed to beat the strongest women's teams from Europe (Team HeavenLDLC), so they are quite capable of repeating the same outcome. However, considering the current game-form of Team Secret, we shouldn't exaggerate their chances of winning.


Team Secret will need all the zAAz's power at the upcoming championship from SLTV 

The European mixture still remains a serious contender, but, most likely, their performance in St. Petersburg will not be the one we expect to see. The future will dot l's and cross T's, but Secret are unlikely to finish first at the crucial stage of Female Stars Championship.


Unlike their competitors from Team Secret, the German team still hasn't managed to triumph at any of the major tournaments. Contrary to this, HEAVEN have been consistently demonstrating quite a strong CS, and now we shouldn't underestimate them. The Germans' path to the tickets to St. Petersburg was quite thorny, but, ultimately, they proved to be strong enough to enter the LAN with the slot of «Lower Bracket» winner.

HEAVEN kicked off with a highlight reel at the tournament from StarLadder. In the opening match, the German part proved to be stronger than Team ALSEN, thereby advancing to the higher stage. Although the effective Counter-Strike, Team HEAVEN didn't escape the defeat in a meeting with Team Secret, and went straight to the losers' bracket. And there, defeating Millenium, LGB eSports and LDLC, the Germans didn't make a single error, thus securing the participation in the final stage of Female Stars Championship.


The captain of Team HEAVEN will have to examine their opponents in detail

Apart from the event by SLTV, HEAVEN was almost completely «in the shadows». The team from Germany played at SKYLLA 2016: June, but their efforts happened to be enough just to get to the Playoffs. The rest of the time, apparently, Team HEAVEN were training hard, preparing for the upcoming battle in St. Petersburg. Recall that the last great achievement of the Germans was reaching the «top 4» at Copenhagen Games 2016 fem, where their performance ended with the defeat in the semi-final confrontation against Team Secret, the future winners of the championship.

The former Exertus eSports were surely disappointed with the loss and want to get even with Secret. German team can make the dreams come true at the upcoming LAN-finals of Female Stars Championship, because the list of the participants contains the name of the aforementioned Europeans. On the stream of the online-qualifications we witnessed the real power of HEAVEN, and now they should just go on fighting with the same confidence.


Will the German team make a splash? 

However, the absence of a consistent practice, which was already mentioned, can still play a fairly important role in the upcoming performances of Team HEAVEN. Frankly, the German team may just lack enough experience and the roster’s cohesion in order to win the championship in St. Petersburg.

Reason Gaming

Now it's turn of the up-and-coming Russian team, which won first place in the CIS-qualifier. In recent years, the squad under the direction of Alexandra «RiLey» Ksenzik has been showing quite good results not only within their region, but on the whole-world level. With every new match, ex-YP are gathering momentum and, quite possible, will soon gain enough strength to occupy a decent place among the strongest women's teams.

Passing under the auspices of a new organization, Reason haven't shown their best yet. In addition to Female Stars Championship, following the example of their future opponents, former Team YP played in one of the series of SKYLLA championship, finishing there on 5-8th places. The performance of the Russian team at the online-qualifiers of the tournament by SLTV had a kind of another outcome, as they were the first among the CIS-teams to win a slot at the LAN-finals.


ex-YP will visit St. Petersburg 

Recall that such teams as Binary Dragons and EYESPORTS have fallen under the pressure of Reason Gaming. Both encounters were tense, but in the end, the Russians confidently gained the upper hand. The past achievements of Reason are also worth mentioning. The Russian team had taken part in the Copenhagen Games 2016 fem, having effortlessly reached the Play-off stage.

Such performances are just the yet another proof of the fact that ex-TeamYP are ready for competition at Female Stars Championship. Among the compositions, intending to come to St. Petersburg, there is no such one, which would be beyond the powers of Reason Gaming. They should have enough experience and firepower to finish first in the forthcoming championship. The probability of their success entirely depends on the Reason's mood and the level of preparation.


The winner of the «Lower Bracket» of the Female Stars Championship's CIS-division online-qualifiers is the last to be considered. ex-Revival don't have such an impressive credentials as their rivals, but a huge potential instead, which hasn't been completely disclosed yet. Despite the underdog-status, EYESPORTS won't dispair and will do their best within the frameworks of the offline-event in St. Petersburg.

In the first qualifying match, the team of Tatyana «Sindi» Gracheva met STARRYGAME.fem and managed to get the victory. Further, the Russian squad entered the struggle against DIFF'BE, but even that rivals weren't an obstacle on their way to the final of the upper bracket. However, Reason Gaming happened to be too tough for EYESPORTS, so they had to continue their performance in the «Lower Bracket». There former Revival were able to rehabilitate by winning a decisive «bo3-series» against Binary Dragons.


EYESPORTS will be the «dark horse» at the upcoming tournament

Among the other achievements, a good game of the Russian squad at the LAN-finals of Playing Ducks Female Masters 2015 should be also pointed out. Due to the confident CS, EYEsports coped with the complexities of the qualification, having stopped on the second place, losing out in the final match to current Millenium. But, aside from that, this team remains a mystery to many.

Nevertheless, we can hardly place high expectations on ex-Revival. The Russian team is relatively young and needs more time to develop and deal with their missteps. The match against Reason had proved that in spite of the high individual skill of EYESPORTS, they can be beaten by the competent teamwork. The Russian team will be forced to show the maximum of their abilities, in order to succeed in the final stage of Female Stars Championship.

What should be expected from the teams?

The championship's schedule is already known and we can assume the development of the future events. In the «opening-match» will battle Team Secret and EYESPORTS. Since all the clashes (except the final one) will be held in the «best-of-three» format, there shouldn't be any kind of surprises. Despite the weak form, the Europeans still have to beat the opponent from the CIS, sending it to the lower bracket. Then will be the turn of Team HEAVEN and Reason Gaming, where the latter have a great chance of winning.

Thus, EYESPORTS and HEAVEN will probably meet in the play-off match. Most likely the Germans won't show up the slack and, thanks to the victorious «elimination-series», will send former Revival to pack their bags. In turn, the final of the «Upper Bracket» will end with the Reason's triumph, who will be the first to advance to the tournament's grandfinal. Secret and Team HEAVEN will probably have to define the destiny of the second ticket. «Bo3-series» between the European and the German teams will be intense, but in the end ex-WRTP will probably prevail.


«The native heath» might help Reason in the upcoming games

Finally, in the final «best-of-five» confrontation, Reason Gaming should have enough experience and skills to surpass Team Secret. Female Stars Championship might be the finest hour for the former Team YP, and is likely to become the next step on a way to the rise on the global CS:GO-stage.

Each of the participating teams is interesting in its own way and deserves the triumph, no less than the others. The matches are promising to be exciting, so do not forget to mark the 16th of July in your calendar. Within two match-days the audience will witness the largest in the CIS-region female-championship, where the four strongest lineups will divide the prize pool of $10,000. All the details about the event's system and the schedule can be found by this link.

photo: Author: Ilya «EllanarkJesus» Chabeletz