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Female: Pre-Match interview with Team Secret

In anticipation of the final match of Female Stars Championship's Upper Bracket, the winner of which will surely attend the tournament's LAN-final, we have spoken with the European player of Team Secret — Ksenia «vilga» Kluenkova. 


vilga by herself

Ksenia told us about the particular qualities of bootcamp, nature of relationships inside the team and new organization, plans for the future.

— For a long time you team has been stably maintaining the title of the strongest female team in CS:GO. What’s the secret of your success?

Actually, there is nothing special. We have strong players, who are willing to spend all their resources for becoming better everyday. Without any difficulties we are evolving in an individual and team ways and going forward with a faith of bright future, at the moment.

— You have joined a new organization recently. Are you satisfied with your new sponsor?

Sure! It is the best organization I’ve been playing in since I had started my gaming career. They support us both in the material and psychological terms!


mimi and her team are only one a footstep away from the LAN-final

— When do you think the prize-pool of female eSport will be compared to the male's one?

I think that there will always be significant difference in our prize pools. Nevertheless, when the female players play on the same level as the professional male CS:GO-teams, there will be no necessity to separate the competitive scene into two camps. 

— Who is the IGL in your team-roster?

Julia “juliano” Kiran has been taking the lead in the game during the past months. I want to say that she is the best captain I've ever played with.


Secret are glad to have juliano as their IGL

— As far as we know, your whole team is at the bootcamp right now. What can you say about the chemistry inside the team and has your game become better since you gathered together?

We have been at the offline-training for a two weeks, but it has come to an end recently. In my opinion, our performance is really on the higher level at the moment. We've discussed a lot of different in-game moments, fixed some mistakes and so on. Outside the training we were able to have a lot of fun together. Even more, we have celebrated Zainab«zAAz» Turkie's birthday! It was fun and I want to thank Team Secret for giving us such an opportunity .

— Who do you think are the CIS-qualifier favorites?

I think that Team Censored and EYESPORTS have the highest chance of the victory.


Will ex-WRTP get another champion's trophy?

Final of Female Stars Championship's «Upper Bracket» is starting soon. We remind you that the victorious team will be the first to confirm their participation at championship's LAN-final, which will be held in St. Petersburg from the 16th to 17th of June.

We wish Team Secret the best of luck at the upcoming match and looking forward to their another stunning results. Game's broadcast will be running on the StarLadder10 twitch-channel.

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