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FEMALE: Pre-match interview with Team LDLC

Team LDLC.fe — is the French team, which is composed only of girls. Since its existence, they have taken part in such tournaments as the Intel Challenge Katowice # 2 and the Copenhagen Games Female Tournament. In the Female Stars ladies have overcame a difficult path to the final. Laura «Nsty» Déjou has told us how the matters in their team stand are and how the French squad was getting prepared for the championship.


Nsty — the captain of Team LDLC

— What was the preparation for the tournament like? Have you been training in the online-mode, or gathering at the bootcamp?

Our preparation was quite conventional. Since some girls are working, we had a very tight deadline. We have been training in an on-line mode once the opportunity arose, overall — in the evenings. Firstly, we have been practicing against women's groups, and then — against male ones.   

— In the finals you will meet a pretty strong opponent - Team Secret. Can you adequately compete with them?

This team has prevailed in the last two championships, but we will try to do as far as in us lies to come out victorious. However it won't be easy, considering their serious trainings.


The team is tuned to the victiry

— Would you like to take part in a major tournament with the men's teams? In your opinion, what kind of result you would be able to show?

And who would not? Of course, first of all, it would be an invaluable experience for us. Men have more advanced skills and they contribute more time for practicing, but despite this, we still could have defeated them using different tactics.

— Have there been any difficulties in the team over the past games?

Yes, in a match against DoYouEven. It was a really tough fight. Despite the victory, we gave them a lot of rounds, failing to demonstrate the high-class game. However, we had analyzed our mistakes, corrected them and later in a fight with LGB we were playing in unison as a whole.


Will the team get a ticket to the LAN-finals?

— How is the atmosphere in the team? What are your future plans, objectives?

We all know that our roster hasn't been changed since 2013, but a few months ago, we were joined by a new girl - Meyssa «Missa» Bellouati. Despite this, the atmosphere in the team is great. We have a really great line-up; we can be both cheerful and serious. At the moment, we can't afford participating in many tournaments with the male teams, as some of us are working and, therefore, we are always glad to take part in such championships as yours! There is nothing more important for us than to reach the Playoffs! After that, we will expect some more tournaments, trying to climb as high as possible.

The final contest between the winners bracket will start in a couple of hours. The victor will get the cherished ticket to the LAN-finals of the championship, which will be held on the 16-17th of July in St. Petersburg.

The stream of the match will be able on our twitch-channel  StarLadder10.