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The Female Stars Championship's online-qualifications have come to an end, so now we are cognizant of all the four participants of the Play-off stage. We have recently learned the names of the European division victors, and here we have the strongest duo among the CIS-mixtures.


All teams have done their best to show the most impressive game, but only a few of them have finally managed to secure a seed in the main tournament's part.

Reason Gaming gained the upper hand

The female CS:GO-roaster, formerly known as Team YP, proved to be fully capable of the performance with the spectacular results. The squad has met the expectations of their fans and acquired a ticket to the LAN-finals of the championship.

The girls had no difficulty in dealing with each of their contenders. Despite the fact that their first opponent arrived in an incomplete line-up and was later disqualified, they were still able to demonstrate their skills in the next battle with Binary Dragons. Although Reason had finished the first half on de_train with an unfavorable score [4:11], having changed the side, they managed to come back, thus picking up the map. de_cache was also eventually put in their bag with [16:4].


Thus, ex-YP advanced to the final of «Upper Bracket», where they had already been awaited by EYESPORTS. At the moment, on the female CS:GO-stage of the CIS-region these teams share the top place, so we hadn't a single chance of avoiding the third map. The team led by Alexandra «RiLey» Ksenzik  had gained a landslide victory on the pick of the rivals [16:7], but Alyona «Ailey» Bordukova and her allies found a way to give an adequate response on de_cobblestone [16:13]. The decisive point was de_nuke, where Reason Gaming demolished their opponents with [16:0], thus securing the third slot in the Playoffs.

The performance by Anna «Ant1ka» Ananikova and her mixture reflects their readiness to conquer new peaks, so quite soon they may be able to become the «top-1» among the women's teams on a global scale.

 Ant1ka made a significant contribution to the team's triumph

EYESPORTS — the second finalists of the CIS-division

This particular squad became the lucky owner of the last ticket to the LAN-part of the tournament, which will be held in St. Petersburg. The mixture had passed their way to the winners’ bracket final without a single defeat.

Initially, EYESPORTS had to fight with STARRYGAME. On the enemy's pick, the roster under the guidance of Stella «insomnia» Kim found the way to force the fight, but still lost with the score of [16:12]. One might have thought that on their choice the team would give a decent reply, but the second map was picked up by Alyona «Candy» Kuvaeva and her teammates [16:7]. However in the semi-finals EYESPORTS had easily smashed Different but equal ([16:5] de_cache / [16:1] de_overpass).


And then the time had come for the final aforementioned match against Reason Gaming. The teams exchanged picks and the winner of the countering was determined on de_nuke. Before the match Tatyana «Sindi» Gracheva gave an interview in which she mentioned that the team had been training on all the maps, including de_nuke. So what was the reason for such a disastrous performance [0:16]? Probably, CT-sided, Reason gained an advantage, because the defense-side is quite strong there. It is quite possible that they had dedicated more time to this map than their opponents. We can only guess.

Despite the defeat, EYESPORTS still had a chance to reach the Playoffs, so they continued their stand-off in the «Lower Bracket» final. There they had met with Binary Dragons. Alena «parti» Kuzminukh and her teammates showed an unexpected result by seizing the victory on de_cobblestone with a score of [16:0], and then having dealt with the enemy on de_mirage [16: 9]. As a result, they became the owners of the last slot of the Female Stars Championship's main part.

«-4» by Alyona «Ailey» Bordukova

The full list of the LAN-final's participants:

  •  Team Secret:  juliano, vilga, nylon, mimi, zAAz.
  •  Team HEAVEN: HellRose, Jinjin, Julie, shifty, KllyVe.
  •  Reason Gaming: t4tty, Dshq, RiLey, Ant1ka, Bloody Elf.
  •  EYESPORTS: Ailey, Sindi, Candy, parti, Jen.

We'd like to remind you that the final stage of the female championship will be held from July the 16th to 17th in Park 300 Years of Saint Petersburg within the confines of «VK FEST» festival. Follow the latest news on our site.