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Feevo and LadyLokiOdinson will perform at WESG HS EU Finals

Feevo and LadyLokiOdinson have secured the first place on the qualifiers for WESG HS EU Finals in their regions and secured tickets to the LAN-finals in Barcelona.

The qualifiers Bal/SC+T/CEE/SEE were attended by six players. The final stage was reached only by LadyLokiOdinson and Heartfilia. In the match for an advance to European LAN-finals LadyLokiOdinson overpowered the rival with 3:1 and got the right to stand for her region at WESG HS EU Finals.

Also the list of participants of the following tournament's stage was joined by Feevo, who occupied the first place in the qualifier WESG: Sweden/Denmark.

Eventually, Feevo and LadyLokiOdinson accompanied the participant-list of WESG Female: EU Finals in the Hearthstone discipline, where among eight of the players will be offered $4,800 and tickets to the Grand-Final of WESG 2017.