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FaZe Clan will fight for the championship title of StarSeries S3

The European team FaZe Clan becomes the first Grand-finalist of SL i-League StarSeries S3, defeating HellRaisers. 

FaZe Clan CS:GO

FaZe knocked HR from SL i-League StarSeries S3

The first semifinals’ Best of 3-series started on Mirage. Losing five rounds in a row 0-5, HR took a tactical pause and after that started their own winning-streak, in a result of which they took the lead 9-6.

One more successful pistol and anti-ecos allowed FaZe to even the score, and then, being fired up, EU-team scored itself five map-points, one of which they eventually won 16-13. 

The match resumed on Train. FaZe crushed the opponent in the first half 12-3, but in the second one they lost the momentum for a bit, so HellRaisers started to play the lost rounds back. However, HR failed their comeback, because FaZe Clan won the last of available match-points and won this match 16-14.

HellRaisers takes the 3-4th place and earns $25,000. In turn of FaZe Clan, they advance to the Grand-finals, where the winner of Astralis vs Na’Vi match will be their opponent.