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Ex-Titan lost to QuestionMark

Having lost the support of the organization, the QuestionMark team, former Titan, did not throw in the towel and kept going. Today they were fighting for a change to reach the play-off of the SL i-League StarSeries LAN Final. The game ran in the BO3 format. DSC_8178    In 15 minutes before the match teams chose a list of maps by the crossing method. After spinning a coin the teams in turn cross out maps from the list. The teams chose only one map out of three remaining ones, and the last map becomes decisive in case when the teams play the first two in a draw. Map drafting:
cbble mirage cache overpass dust2 train inferno


[16:07] de_dust2
[16:14] de_train
[00:00] de_inferno
QuestionMark were the one to pick the map first; their pick was de_dust2. Playing the defense side, they managed to take 3 points in a row. Despite such an unfortunate beginning, the French team braced up and showed an excellent series of 5 gained rounds [3:5]. Both teams were doing their best, but the leaders of the first half turned out to be the Danes, who ended it with a 9:6 score in their favor. After the side switching ex-Titan did not manage to make a comeback and lost the map [16:7]. The next in turn was de_train. The pistol and two following rounds ended in the Danes' favor, but their rivals leveled the score rather quickly. Not willing to lose the leadership in the match, QuestionMark mobilized, and the score hit the mark of [5:3]. The teams were in step with each other, but the minimum advantage in the first half was gained by the Danish team [8:7]. Then no serious changes happened on the map. The match was quite intensive, and the teams had been exchanging the rounds over and over again until the score hit the mark of [14:14]. Having managed to take 2 important points, QuestionMark became the winners of the match.