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Ex-Titan lost to fnatic

Having lost the previous matches, the fnatic and ex-Titan teams faced off against each other in the game for the third place in the group. DSC_8119

Ex-Titan lost 2 out of 3 maps against fnatic

   In 15 minutes before the match teams chose a list of maps by the crossing method. After spinning a coin the teams in turn cross out maps from the list. The teams chose only one map out of three remaining ones, and the last map becomes decisive in case when the teams play the first two in a draw. Map drafting:
mirage train overpass cbble cache inferno dust2


[10:16] de_cache
[16:14] de_inferno
[04:16] de_dust2
  The first map of the meeting was de_cache. Having taken the knife round, ex-Titan chose the defense side and immediately took a pistol round, though lost an eco one of the rival. Now the Swedish team was the one to have the advantage: they managed to demonstrate an excellent series of gained rounds [1:7]. After a short break ex-Titan managed to brace up and made a comeback [3:7]. Having exchanged a couple of rounds, fnatic became the leaders of the first half [6:9]. The second pistol round and the following ones ended in the Swedes' favor, but their rivals took two rounds in return. Despite the fact, that ex-Titan were playing the attack side rather well, they did not have enough strength left to win the map. [10:16]. The battle was continued on de_inferno. Ex-Titan, having taken a pistol round, lost the next three ones [1:3]. Having bought the rifles, the French team showed a confident play on the defense side, having taken five points in a row [6:3]. Then the teams traded a few rounds [7:4]. The remaining four points in the first half were taken by fnatic [7:8]. Ex-Titan, after the side switching, got the first four rounds [11:8]. After the unsuccessful beginning on the attack side, the Swedish team ended five more rounds in their favor [11:13]. In the last rounds of the de_inferno map, the initiative was being taken by both teams in turns. The score was leveled twice, but the intensive battle ended with a victory of ex-Titan [16:14]. A decisive map of the fight was de_dust2. An aggressive play on the attack side brought fnatic a victory in the first five rounds [5:0]. Ex-Titan managed to take the first point only on the sixth try [5:1]. The French team did not manage to make a streak. The first half ended with a devastating score of [12:3]. After the side switching the French team took the second pistol round, but, unfortunately, the following inaccurate play did not allow еx-Titan to carry out a comeback [16:4].