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ELEAGUE: VP are confidently breaking in

The matches of ELEAGUE are back on the viewers' screens! Initiating the countering within Group F was destined to the players of Virtus.Pro and compLexity.


 coL's roster before the beginning of the meeting

The first map of the clash became de_overpass. VP prevailed in the pistolround and smashed enemy in two eco's [3:0]. The Poles did not weaken their grip in the device one, thus having seized the control over a tide of the match. compLexity's defense managed to stop the offensive side only once, and therefore Virtus.Pro have defeated the rival in the first half with [14:1].

After the changeover the power distribution was still the same. The Americans defeated their contestants in six more buy's, but then the Polish squad finished the started, winning the victorious two rounds. [16:7] and VP have picked up de_overpass.


The game was resumed on de_cobblestone. Virtus.Pro surpassed the enemy in the pistolround, but failed the anti-eco. coL have managed to chalk up, thanks to the temporary economic weakness of the opponent. Soon VP found the way to minimize the gap in the score, but compLexity were still leading the game [8:7].

CT-sided, the Americans won two rounds, while the Poles picked up the device one. VP were staying back not for a long time, soon having proved to be an equal contestant for coL. American squad failed to cope with the increased onslaught, giving their enemy a great opportunity to win the second map. So, eventually, Virtus.Pro drew a line under the battle on de_cobblestone with the final result of [11:16].


Stay with us, as the next match between Gambit Gaming and EnVyUs will be started off at any moment. The stream of the game will be held on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.