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ELEAGUE: Virtus.Pro and EnVyUs failed to define the strongest

The next opponent of the French squad became the Polish team — Virtus.Pro. Recall that within the by-past matches, both teams won landslide victories [2:0]: VP smashed compLexity Gaming, while EnVyUs surpassed Gambit.


LAN-statistics of apEX for 2016

The last meeting of the current match-day was held on de_mirage. VP kicked off with a highlight reel, having won the first four rounds. But then EnVy defeated their enemy in the eco, thus turning the tide of the match and quite soon the score was tied. The French team continued to increase the advantage, losing in the first half only in two more buy's [6:9].

CT-sided, Virtus.Pro came off victors in the pistolround and two anti-eco's. Thereafter nV picked up two device ones, but still having failed to cope with the enemy's force-buy. The mixtures were fighting «neck-to-neck» for a long time that resulted in a draw for a few times. However, VP have finally managed to brace up in the range of overtime's, thus having paragraphed de_mirage with [19:16] in their favor.


The further struggle was taking place on de_cache. T-sided, EnVyUs won the pistolround, forcing the opponent to make a couple of eco's. However, the Poles rehabilitated in the gunrounds, overtaking the enemy. Not slowing down, Virtus.Pro managed to forge ahead before the changeover, getting ahead of the French by the five points [10:5].

The second half started with the pistol and two buy-rounds, won by nV. French team went on reducing the distance in a score and soon the mixtures temporarily leveled the game. Virtus.Pro failed to change the alignment of forces on the map, so EnVyUs, in turn, paragraphed the clash on de_cache. The final result — [16:11], and the second map was picked up by EnVy.


Tomorrow we will find out the final teams' division in Group F and the Play-off stage of the tournament. As before, you will be able to witness the clash on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.