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ELEAGUE: The another one TSM's loss

The group stage of ELEAGUE is still «on-air», as the first game of the second match-day between FaZe and Team SoloMid has started off. At the start-line, the European squad had already won three maps (two against dignitas  and one with fnatic), while the Americans haven't had a single victory on their board yet.


The aizy's statistics for the previous four games

The struggle began on de_cobblestone, chosen by TSM. FaZe have lost the pistolround, then leveling a score in the force-buy. The North American team has lost control over the tide of the meeting, losing put to the opponent in the gunrounds. The Europeans have been regularly penetrating the opponent's defense, while increasing the van. Before the changeover, Team SoloMid managed to pick up another three rounds [4:11].

CT-sided, FaZe Clan managed to beat the opponent in the pistolround. However, TSM have bought up in response, forcing the European line-up to perform a couple of eco's. The tactical pause, taken in time, has helped FaZe to pull them up, and as a result, to change the forces' alignment in the match. The North American team has failed to make a comeback, losing de_cobblestone with the final result of [13:16].


The teams have resumed their struggle on the pick of FaZe Clan — de_train. Team SoloMid have kicked off with a highlight reel, winning the first three rounds. However, the European team took over the lead in the device round and soon the score was equalized. Then the North Americans have failed to retake the leadership, having faced the strong resistance from FaZe. The result of the first half has stopped at [9:6] in a favor of the Europeans.

After a short break, TSM have failed to cope with the onslaught in the pistolround, but the great implementation of force-buy has let them destroy the opponent's economy. Not immediately, but FaZe Clan still have managed to regain the confidence, thus coming forward again. Team SoloMid haven't withstood the increased tension, again failing the comeback. The final score of de_train — [16:12].


Within the confines of the next competition will meet dignitas and fnatic. The stream of this game will be held on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.