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ELEAGUE: The second loss of Liquid

The last «bo2-competition» of the first gaming day of ELEAGUE became the struggle between Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid. The Brazilian team defeated Renegades in the previous match with a score [2:0], and Liquid, conversely, — lost to Cloud9 with the result of [0:2].


The jumping-off point of the meeting became de_dust2 — a pick of the American team. Despite the win in the pistol round, Liquid lost their footing under the pressure of the Brazilians on the «force-buy». LG regained the initiative immediately, efficiently using the opponent’s mistakes [3:1]. Not willing to risk after the lost weapon round, the USA-team was consistently realizing the eco’s that was regularly used by Luminosity. Thanks to that, they easily managed to multiply their van [8:1]. To the end of the first half, Team Liquid managed to score three points. As a result — [11:4], and teams went to the side replacement. The game of Lincoln «fnx» Lau should be especially pointed out, as his «entry-kills» made a great contribution to the success of the Brazilian attack.

«Quadrokill» by  fnx

Holding by the same pace, Luminosity Gaming got the victory in the pistol round, by that taking the position of leader. Having the lack of money funds, Liquid weren’t capable to give a battle to the Brazilian line-up [14:4]. The American team was still capable to capture two more device rounds, but it wasn’t enough for the full-scale comeback. [16:6] and the pick of Team Liquid replenished the stock of LG.


The match continued on the map de_cobblestone — the choice of Luminosity. Starting for the Т-side, the line-up under the guidance of   Eric «adreN» Hoag won in the pistol round, upon which effortless bested the opponent on two eco-rounds [0:3]. Despite the triumph in the first device round, Luminosity weren't capable to take over the initiative. The aggressive way out on the А-plant happened to be the right decision, as the result of which, the Brazilian defense was destroyed. Thanks to that, Liquid decreased their own advantage, outwalking the competitor [1:6]. The American team stood on holding the leadership, controlling the way of the meeting. By the efforts of Marcelo «coldzera» David, on the 8th round, the Brazilian line-up sent the second point to their assets, but it didn't influence the aggregate picture. Team Liquid were rearing the rally of the contestant, and, at the end of the first half, the score stopped at the point of [3:12].

The hold of B-plant by coldzera

Going to the defense, Liquid weakened the grasp and lost the second pistol round. Failing with the «force-buy», the USA-team was forced to make the eco. Nevertheless, LG made the unforgettable error and didn't put up with the anti-eco of the contestant [5:13]. Thereafter, the teams appeared to be as an equal. Forgetting the failures, the Brazilians won the weapon round and built up the basement for an incredible comeback. Luminosity gave the start of the long-lasting victorious series, which the Americans weren't capable to interrupt for a long time. Realizing the loss on the map, at [10:13] Liquid took the tactical «time-out». However the break didn't make any changes into the way of the match. Luminosity Gaming were confirmed in the rank of leaders and managed to move from [3:12] to [16:14].


You can follow the sequence of events of ELEAGUE on the