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ELEAGUE: The Highlights of Group E

The last-but-one group has finally turned the cards over and, most importantly, named the next participant of the Playoffs. It is worth noting that despite the fairly equal fight in the group stage, a decisive lap was completed with quite fortuitous outcome.


ELEAGUE has became the first LAN-tournament for Echo Fox

Every team was trying to give their best, but only one of them has withstood the increased competition.

An easy start for Na'Vi

Natus Vincere have justified the name of their team all over again, having easily gained the upper hand within the confines of Group E, thereby winning a slot in the next tournament's stage. After the SL i-League CS:GO Invitational, the CIS-squad hadn't participated in any LAN or online tournament, focusing on the preparations to ELEAGUE and ESL One Cologne 2016. It is worth mentioning only the show-match within the Adrenalin Open Cyber Cup, where Natus Vincere have lost out in «bo3-series» to Virtus.Pro with a final score of [0:2].


The championship's start was quite lucky for Natus Vincere

And now, it seems, all the trainings have came to fruition. We can't insist that Na'Vi have faced the excessive competition, but the beginning of the tournament had been quite challenging. First, the team from the CIS-region had leveled the game with Echo Fox and mousesports, which caused surprise for many ELEAGUE's spectators. However, the subsequent crushing victory over FlipSid3 has allowed Natus Vincere to finish first, having advanced to the further step with the advantage in division.

Despite the dubious success of the start, the CIS-team had easily overcome the trials of the semifinal and final match, defeating the opponents from Echo Fox and F3, respectively. Moreover, Na'Vi hadn't lost a single map in two confrontations, showing the absolute superiority over their rivals. Because of this, Natus Vincere have joined the list of the participants of ELEAGUE's final stage, where they are already awaited by the following squads: SK Gaming (ex-LG), NiP, Astralis and fnatic.


Zeus and his team will continue their performance in the Playoffs

Such a successful performance provides a hope to Na'Vi fans that their favorites will show the same high-class game on the upcoming Major. Ladislav «GuardiaN» Kovács has regained his former output, and all of his teammates are incredibly motivated to the victory. However, the desires of the CIS-squad may not coincide with the reality, because the ESL One Cologne 2016 will have much greater competition. After all, such groups as fnatic or Luminosity do not forgive any kind of missteps. In any case, we can only wait on what the future holds in store.

FlipSid3 have managed to make a splash

The Ukrainian team has punched over its weight by showing a really strong game within Group E. Recall that recently F3 has finally signed a contract with Jan «wayLander» Rahkonen, so their line-up had been fully completed before the ELEAGUE. The Finnish player, unlike the departed to HellRaisers Vlаdyslаv «bondik» Nechyporchuk, has immediately played together with a new team, having shown the consistent outcome.

In the first three matches of the group stageFlipSid3 had managed to tie two games, playing on equal footing with Echo Fox and mousesports, but still having once bitted the dust. Nevertheless, the loss to such an eminent opponent like Na’Vi hadn't affected the atmosphere within the team, so F3 braced up, having shown a strong CS in the semi-final and the final encounters. It is worth noting that in the game against Echo Fox, their sniper — Georgi «WorldEdit» Yaskin — had broken several LAN-records: the highest number of kills in a single half (31), the highest average number of frags per round (2.05) and KDR on one map (3.42).

The WorldEdit's records proved insufficient for the triumph of F3

The path of the Ukrainian team to the Grandfinal of Group E ran through mouz. Before the start of the meeting, everything pointed towards the fact that the Germans should easily defeat FlipSid3, but events took a slightly different way. F3 created a mini-sensation, having easily defeated mousesports, ending the game with a final score of [2:0] in their favor. In addition, the Ukrainian part has picked up de_cache, which had always been the best map-pick for mouz. This reflects the constant trainings of FlipSid3 and the expansion of their map-pool.

This was followed by the final match against Natus Vincere, where F3 had failed to stop a repeat of the scenario of the group stage, having lost with [0:2]. Thus, FlipSid3 took second place in the group, but we shouldn't overestimate their achievements. The Ukrainian roster still makes a large number of the in-game missteps and has no stability in their results. If there were more famous rivals within the frames of Group E, they would certainly defeat F3, leaving them on the last line of the tournament's table.


FlipSid3 go down to the Last Chance Qualifier barcket

The Ukrainian team will continue their performance in the LCQ bracket, where their chances of success are minimized. We shouldn't expect the same level of game that we have witnessed in the previous games. Moreover, it is unlikely that tournament in Atlanta has gained to F3 enough strength to succeed in the upcoming ESL One Cologne 2016. If they want to become the «tier1-squad», FlipSid3 need something more than a tactical genius Andrey «B1ad3» Gorodenskiy. They need a star-player, able to show incredible results in every match and on any map.  To date, unfortunately, there is no such a player in the F3's roster.

mousesports or a team-disillusionment

So what does the German team lack for a high-grade winning run? It is difficult to give an answer, as mousesports have all the necessary resources for this purpose. When previewing the list of members of Group E, mouz were the one real contestant for Na'Vi. Nevertheless, the events have followed the unexpected course.

The team from Germany had kicked off with a highlight reel, dividing maps in the opening match against FlipSid3. This was followed by another draw, but against a more serious opponent — Natus Vincere. It’s worth mentioning that on one of the maps (de_mirage) mousesports have literally smashed the CIS-squad, thereby stating their serious intentions of occupying the first line of the standings. The Germans had managed to secure their success in the group stage in the clash against Echo Fox, having gained the maximum possible number of points.


The German team was lacking the nex's output

However, despite the equal ratio of victories and defeats with Na'Vi, statistically mouz have occupied the line below, being on second place before the start of the decisive games. The following events were beyond any logical explanation, but have still become a small sensation in ELEAGUE. In the semi-final «bo3-series» against F3, the German mixture had come off a loser on both maps. Moreover, mousesports conceded de_cache, on which they usually outperform the strongest «tier1-teams».

However, the mousesports's performance in ELEAGUE is not over here. Considering the number of points they have acquired thanks to the victories in the matches  of the group stage, we will see the German squad in the upcoming LCQ. However, if they don't want to repeat the same failure, they should immediately begin hard trainings. Because in the frames of LCQ they will not be able to afford for anything to go wrong.

1460463621.9777 - копия

chrisJ and his team will have to discuss a lot before the Major

Recalling the upcoming Majo in Cologne, this kind of performance does not inspire confidence in the mouz's success. These guys have a high-class sniper (chrisJ), rufflers of the world-class (NiKo and nex) and supports (denis and spiidi), not lagging behind in their skills. In addition, recently, they have gained a support in the face of a new coach. The German squad is fully capable of achieving great victories, but they are not ready to find much desired stability for now. Anyway, let's hope for the best game in their future performance.

The highlights of the LAN-debut for Echo Fox

The team from the lines of «Hope of the North American region» has failed to break through the barrier of the group stage, but still having showed some interesting results that were sure to attract the attention from the European audience. The team, led by former IGL of Cloud9 — Sean «[email protected]» Gares — just begins to gain momentum, and the last part of their performance in ELEAGUE — is a direct confirmation.


ryx and Echo Fox managed to defeat Na'Vi on de_dust2

The way the US-mixture on the tournament was kicked off with the game against Natus Vincere, where they had sensationally defeated the CIS-roster on de_dust2. At the moment, it is the largest «upset», among all the results of ELEAGUE. Having tied the game with Na'Vi, Echo Fox had continued to show a strong CS, leveling the score in the confrontation against FlipSid3. Despite the fact that the meeting with mousesports hadn't brought any points to the Americans, we can't say that there had been no intense struggle.

Due to an insufficient number of points, Echo Fox has taken the last line among the Group E, being forced to meet CIS-rosterthe CIS-roster. Unfortunately, the first semi-final clash of the group wasn't successful for the American team. Echo Fox had failed to realize their map-pick and, as expected, were smashed on the enemy's one.


fREAKAZOiD hasn't fully demonstrated his potential

Despite the fact that in this season ELEAGUE has come to an end for the team of Ryan «freakazoid» Abadir, they've already made the first step to the progress. This mixture perfectly combines the incredible firepower and tactical wisdom of [email protected] The squad's potential is too large and it will be a disappointment, if they don't manage to find the right use of it. The desire to win and the sponsors' support will greatly contribute to the growth of the game of Echo Fox, due to which we should expect their new achievements quite soon.


 The ELEAGUE's final will be held in the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

Only one group separates us from the start of the LCQ bracket, and then the Play-off stage of the championship will be started off. Recall that the exact location of the decisive stage of ELEAGUE was announced a few days ago. More details about this can be found here. Stay with us on and you'll be the first to learn the schedule of the upcoming matches.

photo: Author: Ilya «EllanarkJesus» Chabeletz