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ELEAGUE: SK Gaming took the second line

Dividing points in the match against Astralis, SK have met in the final confrontation with NRG, who have also drawn in the last battle with CLG.


SK dealt with the onslaught on the first map

The choice of the American team fell on de_nuke. After the victory in the knives, NRG have decided to start for the CT-side that helped them to win in the first pistol and subsequent anti-eco rounds [0:3]. SK failed to break through the defense in the device round, giving the contestant a chance to increase the gap. Having analyzed steps of the CT-side, SK have changed their route plan. With some new tactics, the Danes seized the initiative and went to changeover, playing a leading role [8:7].


The best players of the first half

After a short break, NRG were defeated in the pistol, thus making a couple of eco’s that worked for their opponent [10:7]. SK Gaming were keeping the same pace, consistently coping with the enemy's aggression. The American squad has failed to rally the strength, picking up just one round more. As a result — [16:8], and SK replenished their treasury with the enemy's pick.


NRG still had an opportunity to get their own back on the enemy's pick — de_cobblestone. Despite the defeat in the knife's, SK have gained the upper hand in the pistol round, taking advantage of the temporary economic weakness of their rival [0:3]. Having won the device one, the US-team has failed to turn the tide of the meeting and has kept on making mistakes. Round by round, the Danish team was striking at the CT-side, making a distant gap [4:11].

An incredible performance with AWP by Pimp

T-sided, NRG eSports have failed to brace up, giving away the pistolround and a following couple of eco's to their enemy [4:14]. SK have lost the gunround, but it was the last mistake, made by the Danes. SK Gaming confidently got the necessary two points, drawing a line under the battle on de_cobblestone [5:16].


The first semi-final matches of ELEAGUE are kicking off already today. Stay with us on and you'll always be kept up-to-date.