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ELEAGUE S2: SK Gaming won over Na'Vi

Matches of the second season of ELEAGUE are back on the screens of thousands of spectators. The clash within Group «С» was kicked off with a countering between Natus Vincere and SK Gaming.


SK Gaming outscored Natus Vincere

The opposing sides were fighting on de_train. The game was kicked off with a victory of Na’Vi in the pistol-round, but SK have immediately responded with a «force» [1:1]. The teams were securing points by turns, not being able to decide the leader. At the mark of [5:5], Na’Vi picked up four rounds out of five, remaining in the first half and went for a switch-over, leading the game [9:6].

CT-sided, SK played back the backlog with one winning run and went ahead. After Na’Vi managed to win one round for the attack, the Brazilian five had an advantage of four points [10:14]. SK Gaming secured two rounds more and paragraphed the battle at [10:16] in their favor.


SK advance to the finals of the Upper Bracket, where they will fight against the winner of a pair Astralis vs Alternate aTTaX for an advance to the Playoffs.