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ELEAGUE S2: OpTic will face off against fnatic

The second gaming-day within Group «D» kicked off with a battle OpTic Gaming vs Team EnVyUS.

The clash unfolded on de_overpass — a choice of OpTic. They picked up the pistol-round and two anti-eco. The Frenchmen failed to deal with the opponent with devices, so stanislaw & company went on increasing the advantage in score. Up to the end of the first half, Team EnVyUS managed to gain the upper hand only in three rounds [3:12].


OpTic won on the first map

After a changeover, the situation has hardly changed. OpTic Gaming secured the sufficient three points and paragraphed the countering on Overpass [16:3].

The game was resumed on de_dust2. The French team took a victory in the first two rounds, but then the mixwell's team re-clinched the initiative and outscored the rival. At the mark of [7:2], EnVyUS interrupted the opponent's winning run and, before the switch-over, managed to cut down the backlog as much as possible [7:8].

T-sided, OpTic won the pistol-round, but the Frenchmen found a way to realize the force-buy and then even to go ahead. tarik and company failed to set anything against the opposing side, being defeated on the second map [13:16].


The Frenchmen failed to cope with the rivals' onslaught

The decider-map was de_cobblestone. OpTic Gaming made it with an imperious start, prevailing over the opponent in five rounds at a run. EnVyUS still managed to find the enemy's weak spot and secured 4 points. Then the control over the game's tide was taken by tarik and his team, so the first half was finished with [11:4] in their favor.

The team from France seized the second pistol-round, but then OpTic charged the initiative again and carried a winning streak of four rounds, reaching the match-point [15:5]. EnVyUS never stopped trying to get back on track, but failed to come back. [16:8] and OpTic Gaming gain the upper hand in the countering.


Quite soon, OpTic Gaming will play against fnatic. To keep up with the latest news from ELEAGUE S2, stay tuned to our site!