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ELEAGUE S2: Na’Vi overwhelmed Alternate aTTaX

In the elimination-match of Group «С» Natus Vincere faced Alternate aTTaX, who had been previously defeated by SK Gaming and Astralis respectively.

A countering was kicked off on the pick of Alternate — map de_cobblestone. Na’Vi lost out the pistol-round, but picked up the force in response. The CIS-squad has prevailed over the defending rival for eight times, gaining a comfortable advantage of [9:1]. aTTaX lost a performance for the defense, taking only three rounds during the whole first half [12:3].


Na’Vi knock Alternate aTTaX out of the tournament

After a changeover, Natus Vincere haven't lost a single round and finished the started with one long-lasting winning streak [16:3].

The game was resumed on map de_overpass — a choice of Na’Vi. Alternate won the pistol-round, but, due to a victorious clutch by flamie, the squad from CIS has immediately leveled the score [1:1]. Natus Vincere increased the gap to five points, but then Alternate completely played back the backlog from the opponent [6:6]. But the line was eventually drawn by Na’Vi, who outscored aTTaX in one point [8:7].

CT-sided, Natus Vincere were overpowering Alternate aTTaX by every round. Soon the CIS-five managed to gain the double-advantage and only then aTTaX found a way to secure the first point in the second half [14:8]. Na’Vi have effortlessly picked up two rounds more and paragraphed the map with [16:8] in their favor.


A destiny of another ticket to the Playoffs of ELEAGUE Season 2 will be decided in the second match between Natus Vincere and SK Gaming. The stream will be held on starladder_cs_en2.