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ELEAGUE: The first victory of Renegades

The second gaming day of ELEAGUE started with the «bo2-series» between Renegades and Team Liquid. Until that point none of the teams has secured the victory. The Australian line-up climbed down in the struggle against LG, and Liquid lost both of the yesterday’s competitions: at first to their compatriots Cloud9, and then to Luminosity.

The choice of the American squad fell on de_mirage. Leading as Counter-Terrorists, Liquid won the pistol and anti-eco rounds, thus gaining the initial advantage [0:3]. However, the first weapon round went to the USA-team’s bag, and, following that, the Australian line-up kept on stocking. Even though the risk was unjustified, Team Liquid had no plans to lose the initiative. The economy of Renegades wasn’t capable to acquire the steadiness, what played directly to the team under the guidance of Eric «adreN» Hoag to increase the escape in a score to [1:7]. At the end of the first half, Renegades managed to pick up three more rounds, using the immoderate aggression from the opponent’s side. Before the side replacement the score met [4:11].

yam saves the situation for Renegades

CT-sided Australian team, scored off on the second pistol round, and then hardly wrapped up in the following anti-force round [7:11]. Buying up to the empty «pockets», Liquid failed the device round, giving the opponent an opportunity to come back. And again Justin «jks» Savage showed up. His prime «-4» made the Americans to realize the eco. The glaring in-game errors of Liquid allowed Renegades to tie things up at [11:11]. After the loss of situation’s control, the American squad decided to take the tactical pause. The following struggle broke out on an equal terms. The line-ups were interchanging the points one by one, thus giving the competitor no single chance to chalk up. As the result of the last tough struggle, the last word still had Renegades. The Australians were the first to reach the «match-point» and confidently drew a line under the competition on de_mirage [16:14].


The match continued de_train — the choice of Renegades. Despite the successful retake in the pistol round, Liquid found them in a short supply of time to clear up the bomb and the first round went to the Australians. Renegades triggered the victorious series, effectively suppressing the aggression both in anti-eco and device rounds. Over time, the advantage of the Australians over Liquid increased up to [0:7]. By the efforts of Jonathan «EliGE» Jablonowski, the American line-up opened their score only on the fourth weapon. After that was forthcoming the backstroke from the Australians and at [1:8] Team Liquid used the 2-minute pause. The well-timed break helped the Americans to shorten the lag, and on the side replacement teams went at [5:10].

«Quad-kill» by adreN

Eric «adreN» Hoag, the captain of CT-sided Team Liquid, performed prime «-4», consequently sending the pistol round to the assets of his team. Taking the advantage of a temporary economical weakness of his opponent, the Americans became one step closer to the comeback [8:10]. The victory in device and anti-eco rounds from Team Liquid led teams to the tentative dead heat [10:10]. However, Renegades, eventually, regained the leadership and effortless carried the match to its epilogue.  [10:16] and Liquid are taking the last place in the Group А.



The next match — Cloud9 vs Luminosity — is starting right now. Watch the broadcasting here.