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ELEAGUE: NiP overpowered OpTic Gaming

The winner of the match between the Ninjas in Pyjamas and OpTic Gaming was destined to accompany G2 in the group stage's grandfinale of ELEAGUE. The paths of these teams were crossed because of the final results of Group B, according to which NiP and OG took second and the third seeds respectively.


The teams' line-up before the meeting began

The game started on de_cobblestone — the choice of the Swedish squad. T-sided, OpTic won the first pistol round and implemented two error-free anti-eco's [0:3]. Despite a victory on the device round, NiP lost the subsequent «buy-round», being left with a ruined economy. The advantage of this immediately took the Canadian team, increasing their advantage [1:5]. The Swedes had a rough ride during every round. In turn, OG didn't lose confidence in their actions, sensitively reacting on the course of the confrontation. The tactical pause, taken by the Swedish team, still hasn't affected the balance of forces on the map. The squad from Canada didn't lose the initiative that allowed them to crush the opponent before the end of the first half. As a result — [3:12], and teams went to switch over.

CT-sided, OpTic kept the same pace of the game. That has helped the Canadian team get the upper hand in the pistol round again, and then deal with the enemy in the following «anti-force» rounds. Ultimately, Ninjas in Pyjamas didn't manage to give any adequate response to their rival, losing on their own pick. [3:16] and OpTic proved to be stronger on de_cobblestone.


RUSH and stanislaw made a huge contribution to the OG's triumph on the first map

The next map was chosen by OpTic — de_overpass. T-sided, NiP beat the opponent in the pistol and the next two anti-eco rounds [3:0]. Thereafter, OG weren't capable to interrupt the Swedes' winning streak immediately. Having gained the upper hand in the first weapon, Ninjas in Pyjamas continued to lead and didn't let the opponent take the initiative. The Swedes didn't relax their grip even for a single moment, preventing the opponent's attempts to build up a competitive economy. The defense was unable to deal with the NiP's pressure, ceding them not only tactically, but individually. Even when the score became devastating, OpTic decided not to take a break. Ultimately, during the whole time spent in the defense, the Canadian team was able to stand against the attack only twice. Before the changeover the score stopped at [2:13] in a favor of NiP.

After a short break, the Swedes won in pistol round all over again, driving OG to the wall. After losing all hope for a comeback, the Canadians didn't give any real response to the enemy, letting NiP put the contestant's pick on the board [2:16].


The f0rest’s statistics over the last two maps

The decisive battle took place on the «decider-map» de_train. The initial «-4» by Richard «Xizt» Landstrom in the pistol round helped the Swedes to get the starting advantage. Nevertheless, thanks to the successfully implemented eco, OpTic have immediately tied the score [1:1]. That put on confidence in the actions of the Canadians, so they managed to seize the initiative. However, NiP didn't allow the scenario of the first map to replay, holding the opponent in an acceptable distance. Thus, before the changeover the score stopped at [6:9], with a margin for OpTic Gaming.

CT-sided, NiP proved to be stronger in the pistol round, but the leadership walked past them again. None of the teams wanted to lose the initiative, so the viewers witnessed a fairly equal fight. Several times the teams have leveled the score, but in the end, the last word had the Swedes. With the advantage of a single round, Ninjas in Pyjamas paragraphed the struggle on de_train [16:14] and emerged victorious from a hard «bo3-struggle» [2:1].


Stay with us on, as already tomorrow, within the frames of the Group B's final contest, will meet G2.Kinguin and Ninjas in Pyjamas. The winner will advance to the Playoffs of the tournament.