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ELEAGUE: Na'Vi have easily defeated Echo Fox

The Playoffs of Group E were kicked off with the clash between Natus Vincere and Echo Fox. We'd like to remind you that the previous match between these teams had finished with a draw. Screenshot_3

The GuardiaN's statistics by the results of the group stage

The first semifinal «bo3-series» has started on de_nuke — the pick of the Americans. Na'Vi won the pistolround, but still failed to cope with the opponents' onslaught in the force-buy [1:1]. However, the CIS-team didn't let Echo Fox take the initiative, and soon chalked up. The mixture under the direction of Sean «[email protected]» Gares has managed to slightly reduce the distance in a score, gaining the upper hand in several important rounds. Before the switchover, Natus Vincere have strengthened the status of leaders, having gained the double advantage [10:5].

CT-sided, the US-team gamed away in the pistolround, but still managed to implement one more «force» [11:6]. The winning run of Echo Fox wasn't lasting for too long, and already in the first device round, Natus Vincere have found the way to prevail. Ultimately, Na'Vi have destroyed the enemy's economy, easily slogging de_nuke out. [16:9], and the first map was picked up by the CIS-roster.


Natus Vincere have advanced to the Grandfinal

The following events were taking place on de_overpass — the choice of Na'Vi. Before giving an adequate response, Echo Fox had lost in four consecutive rounds [4:1]. After that, the CIS-team managed to keep a lid on the tide of the match and went on increasing the gap in the score. The Americans have failed to realize a sufficient amount of buy's, failing the game for the T-side [11:4].

After a short break, Natus Vincere have surpassed their opponents in the pistolround and two anti-eco's, getting close enough to the desired triumph. Reaching the device ones, Echo Fox failed to make a comeback, therefore the CIS-mixture have drawn a line under the confrontation on de_overpass [16:4].

Screenshot_5The winner of the next match between mousesports and FlipSid3 will accompany Natus Vincere in the decisive clash of the Group E. Stay tuned to StarLadder5 and you'll be the first to know the name of the team-finalist.