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ELEAGUE: Na'Vi gained the victory over FlipSid3.ESP

The encounter between Na'Vi and FlipSid3.ESP became the final one within the confines of Group E. The last meeting of these teams had been ended with the triumph of Natus Vincere.


Na'Vi gained the upper hand on the first map

Natus Vincere have shown a great start on de_train, picking up four rounds in a row. However, their opponents managed to take over the initiative, thus having leveled the score, and then even chalked up. Thanks to the quad-kill by Danylo «Zeus» Teslenko, his team has finally managed to interrupt the enemy's winning run. The CIS-squad went to the switchover with a slight advantage of [9:6].

CT-sided, FlipSid3 prevailed in the pistol and next two rounds. Na'Vi seized the control of the game and went on scoring points. The Ukrainian mixture tried to close the gap, but they failed to catch up with the enemy. [16:13] and Natus Vincere put the first map on the board.


markeloff and his teammates failed to overpower the contestant

The meeting was resumed on de_mirage — the pick of FlipSid3.ESP. Ladislav «GuardiaN» Kovács and his teammates have realized an impressive range of thirteen winning rounds. Through the joint efforts of Jan «wayLander» Rahkonen and Yegor «markeloff» Markelov, the Ukrainian squad has managed to break up the shut out and replenished their assets with two points [13:2].

T-sided, Na'Vi have continued to dominate their opponent. The Ukrainian team has failed to gather the strength, thus the victory on de_mirage was gained by Natus Vincere [16:2].


Thus, Natus Vincere advance to the Playoffs and join the winners of the previous groups: Luminosity, NiP, Astralis и fnatic. Stay tuned to and you'll always be kept up-to-date.