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ELEAGUE: Na'Vi continue their way to the finals

Natus Vincere and Cloud9 have met in a struggle for reaching the semi-finals of ELEAGUE. Recall that due to the disqualification of SK Gaming, the North American team has earned a spot in the Playoffs.


The GuardiaN's statistics after 10 played maps at ELEAGUE

On de_overpass Cloud9 kicked off with a highlight reel, having seized a victory in the pistol-round and the following two ones [3:0]. In the first gun-round, Ioann «Edward» Sukhariev has shown the outstanding game-skills by performing the quad-kill, and thus has helped his team to break up the shut out [1:3]. After that, Na'Vi started picking up the points and soon overtook their opponent. However, the Americans found a way to re-capture the initiative and went to the switch-over, obtaining a small advantage of [8:7].

T-sided, the CIS-squad has surpassed the enemy in three rounds in a row, but the device one was still put on the Cloud9's board. Na'Vi have immediately seized the control over the tide of the meeting and went on increasing the gap. Despite this, Mike «shroud» Grzesiek and his teammates managed to strengthen their position and the fight continued during the overtime. Natus Vincere happened to be stronger and took de_overpass to their assets [19:15].

05/23/2016 E-League Week one MEDIA DAY BTS ph: E. M. Pio Roda / TBS

The North American squad gained the uper hand on the second map

The meeting was resumed on de_dust2 — the pick of Cloud9. Na'Vi beat the opponent in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's. The American five have seized the initiative and replenished their «piggy-bank» with three points. Then, the map-control has passed into the hands of the CIS-team again, but eventually Cloud9 managed to change the game's landscape and finished the first half in their favor [8:7].

After the change-over, the North American mixture has continued to increase their advantage. Na'Vi's attempts to break through the opponent's defense have failed, so Cloud9 have managed to triumph on de_dust2 with [16:9].


In a tough struggle Na'Vi managed to overpower the rival on the third map

The decider-map was de_cobblestone. The team, led by Alec «Slemmy» White took four rounds in a row. After that, Natus Vincere managed to gain the first points [4:1], but Cloud9 had no intentions to give up. The CIS-squad seized the control and, gradually closing the gap, reached a temporary tie at [6:6]. However, the Americans finished the side with the advantage of [9:6].

After a short break Na'Vi managed to beat their opponent in five rounds in a row [11:9]. Then Cloud9 took over the lead, but Danylo «Zeus» Teslenko and his teammates were still remaining ahead [14:10]. The North American team has braced up and has demonstrated an aggressive attack, thereby equalizing the score [14:14]. Despite this, Natus Vincere didn't give up and put de_cobblestone on their board [16:14].


The matches of the final stage of ELEAGUE will continue tomorrow. In the first countering will meet Astralis and mousesports. The stream of the match you'll be able to see on the twitch-channel StarLadder5.