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ELEAGUE: mouz failed to cope with the F3's onslaught

The next teams to join the fight became mousesports and FlipSid3. In their past countering, the German and the Ukrainian squads happened to be unable to determine the strongest one, ending the match with a final score of [1:1] by the maps.


WorldEdit and his yesterday's LAN-records

The choice of F3 fell on de_overpass. The Ukrainian team kicked off with a highlight reel, winning seven rounds in a row [0:7]. Then mouz have finally found the way to realize device round, but they still failed to seize the initiative. Adhering to the same tempo, FlipSid3 have consolidated the leading position in the first half, having lost out only one buy to the opponent [2:13].

After a short break, mousesports kept fighting, having gained the upper hand in the pistolround and anti-eco [4:13]. F3 failed to win in the gunround, giving the German fans a hope for a comeback. However, mouz happened to be not ready for such an incredible winning run and eventually fell under the onslaught of the Ukrainian roster. As a result — [9:16], and FlipSid3 put de_overpass on the board.


The comparison of the markeloff's and NiKo's statistics after the first map

The match was resumed on de_cache — the pick of mouz. The German team has surpassed the enemy in the pistol and anti-eco rounds, but still failed to deal with him in the gunround [1:2]. Then FlipSid3 started to demonstrate the high-class T-side, regularly punching the contestant's defense. mousesports have failed to strengthen the defense and switched to the T-side, being far behind [4:11].

CT-sided, the Ukrainian squad has lost four consecutive rounds, but then they seized on the opponent's missteps and won the eco [8:12]. Thanks to this, F3 regained the lost confidence, soon paragraphing the battle on de_cache [9:16]. Thus, FlipSid3 have advanced to the Grandfinal of Group E, where they will play against Natus Vincere.


We'd like to remind you that the next match will be held on Saturday, at 5:00 by Moscow/Kiev time. The stream of the countering will be able on twitch-channel StarLadder5.